I did my very first ritual, what to expect next?

New here hello everybody

So after 1 year and half of reading researching on Satan and demonolatry and driven by by anger i decided to preform my very first ritual.

I decided to summon Andras to request him to teach a lesson to those who have made my life a living hell these past 4 years.

I set up an alter with.

  • Sigil hand drawn by me
    -Orange candle
    -Dragon’s blood incense
    -Fresh ground cayenne pepper
    -Small figure of an owl i bought at a decoration store

First i started by summon the elemental circle Satan from the east Belzebuh from the north, astaroth from the west and Azazel from the south.

At this point the feelings of fear ( all sources i had read about Andras warned to thread carefully with this Demon) and aprehension disapeared and were repleace for feelings of warmth and excitement like i was being pushed to go ahead.

Next i prayed to Satan to inspire Andras to come to me and hear my request and next started to chanting Andras Enn ( Entey Ama Andas Anay)

Nothing happened to the candle flames but the incense smoke started spiraling and swirling uncontrollably right away

After repeating his enn several times i had printed a color photograph of the people i wish revenge upon and besides it i had writen how each of of them should be dealt with taking into account their addictions / chronic health conditions except for one of them that im not entirely aware of her lifestyle and so i asked andras to do with her as he damn well pleases.

I read those requestes and burned the paper…next i burned Andr’as sigil too and closed the ritual.

Now the whole thing took between 10 and 15 minutes and like i said i was feeling very excited throughtout the ritual but at the same time a bit akward and skeptic too

Last Sunday during my weekly morning walk i threw the offerings ( paper ashes , incense ashes, cayenne pepper) into a water stream in the woods, i kept the candle which just burned like 10% if its lenght. the small owl figure remains in my altar

My question is what to do next or in other words if over the next months i dont notice chnages in these people lives should i repeat the ritual ???

I’d like to have some insight please


Generally speaking, one should not restrict how the demons should do their work. It is preferable to state your request (revenge) and let the demons work in their own way.

Oh Boy i hope i didnt pissed him off… i didnt feel any negativity during the ritual…so i guess im in the clear

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Here are some ideas to help you:

I think that your requests for specifics were fine. This way your building up a stronger connection to your desired result.

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Thank you for your insight :wink: