I did my own denouncing christianity ritual

I looked up some information and decided to perform my own denouncing christianity and welcoming Lucifer ritual. I lit 2 black candles and one white candle which was dressed in a black magick oil. I prayed for protection and spiritual guidance. I faced the E and had Lucifer’s sigil pulled up on my phone . I then recited a prayer to him I found and focused on his sigil and asked for guidance and protection for myself and my family as well as help opening my third eye so that I could better communicate. I then cut my finger and offered an offering of blood by drawing his sigil in blood. I feel a heaviness has been lifted off my chest and just feel better that I have done so although I heard it’s not necessary. If anyone is in direct contact with Lucifer will you please ask if my ritual was pleasing? Thank you!
Hail Lucifer!