I did Letter of Intent and I'm not sure if it worked?

So I did the Letter ritual and appealed to Lilith as described by @succupedia and I’m not sure it worked? I burned the letter before saying the incantation. I did say it, but as the letter burned so not sure if that makes a difference or not. This is the first ritual I did so it probably WASN’T the ideal first ritual ever. I dont know if it worked though. Help?

You doubt it so yes it propably won’t work. There is no point in asking for confirmation for a spell by anyone. Do the ritual and then try to forget about it.

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Should I try the ritual again tonight then? Only focusing on the ritual and my intent then putting it out of my mind entirely when its completed?

Try being more positive going forward and if what you want doesn’t come to past, try it again with more positivity that it will work. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m going through something similar

Maybe, but my point is that your attitude is not right. If you try it again and you still are doubtful nothing will change. If you start thinking more positively about it, maybe you wont even need to recast the spell at all.

If you read through @succupedia material on the site. It answers most any question you may have.

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I should also probably say that in place of blood, I’m very squeamish and couldn’t willingly cut myself, I used strands of my hair

Hi wulf may I ask what was your objective in doing this spell?

My objective was to have a succubus companion. Someone to love romantically and to have as a spiritual companion. And hopefully to have her help with building up my own magikal abilities

Oh ok…and supposing later down the road you want to end this relationship how would you go about doing that.

I honestly dont think I would want to. The thing is with succubi is that they are firce companions and even fiercer lovers. Not only would it be difficult to end a relationship with one, it would hurt her a LOT. She would be furious and so would her mother Lady Lilith. Not a good idea to go into a relationship with one thinking you’re going to end it anyway

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