I did a subduing spell but I was almost submissive

Did a spell and summoned Lucifer, to subdue an ex boyfriend who had snubbed me. Now I find myself in the middle of a magical war, a neighbor tries to subdue me by crossing various sorts of spells, tried to drive me crazy while acting in my sleep, played a charm spell and used a magic chain. Well, I’m still alive, Lucifer seems to have been teaching me how to do real magic, I learned several techniques from them, during those days I read a large part of Levi’s High Magic book, and I managed to understand several of his dogmas, because how they induced me to daydreaming during the day, I was able to read the astral and understand the symbologies. I did just a pot spell for an ex !!! But perhaps this pot spell is the result of a reading of the astral about what was happening in the astral concerning me, and I confused it with a desire of my own essence.
Hail Lucifer, Hail Hekate.