I Did a Ritual, and Things Got Worse! - Practical Solutions from shinri

Hello everyone, long time no see. I decided to take some time away from the forum for a while to focus on my magick, and I’ve come to miss speaking with you all. I’ll go into some more personal detail at the end of the post, so let’s get right into it.

One situation that I hear about often is that after performing a ritual, things actually seem to get even worse than they were before doing the magick. This, understandably, can be quite troubling, and it can even feel like the magick has backfired, or that the spirits have turned against you.

Thankfully, this is not the case, however bad it may seem in the moment. In this post, I’ll talk about an example of such situations, why it may be happening, and practical tips for helping navigate through such circumstances. My primary focus is on practical solutions that even absolute beginners may find applicable to their situations, though there will also be more theoretical tidbits sprinkled throughout for the more seasoned magicians.

As financial situations seem to be where people encounter this phenomenon most often, or at least are the ones I see most often discussed, that shall be the example we explore. So you do some rituals to help improve sales in your business, or perhaps to earn more money at work, and rather than just getting to sit back and watch the dough roll in, you find that certain problems get even worse, or that other unexpected disruption occurs.

More than anything, it is important in these situations to take a step back and gain some perspective. You know that magick works, and that the spirits are working to help you out, so why might they have triggered these events?

One possibility is that this negative situation would have eventually come about, through the normal course of mundane reality. By applying magick to your circumstances, you have brought this future scenario into your reality more quickly than it otherwise would have occured. That argument with your boss, break in your software, or marketing mistake that you made were more-or-less inevitable, but your magick made them happen even faster than normal.

When such seemingly unfortunate events come about, know that they are really a blessing in disguise. Often you will find that in resolving the negative situation, you achieve the end result you initially were seeking with the magick. By making your mistakes and overcoming obstacles sooner, rather than later, you are able to learn and progress much, much more quickly than if these “negative” events were further spaced-out in time.

While in the midst of one such tough situation, it is often helpful to continue to work magick towards the situation, though with a different approach than before. In this example, you began the process by requesting a boost in your income through your normal, day-to-day work. After making this request, you are experiencing change and disruption, now encountering problems that need solving.

At this point, while the situation is ongoing, it is often helpful to ask for wisdom with magick, seeking guidance as to the best path forward, and seeking solutions to the problems you face. You may receive answers to your questions directly, during the ritual, but remain open to guidance in the days and weeks that follow.

You may experience flashes of intuition, an apparently random shock of knowing that answers your question while you are going about your day, not even thinking about the magick. You may also find it helpful to set aside some time to meditate on your problems and circumstances, considering all facets of the situation, and allowing solutions and insights to arise naturally as you rest in contemplation.

I often like to perform such meditations while out for a walk. I allow my mind to gently wander, while holding the intention to ponder the situation at hand. I find that changing my surroundings or routines, even slightly, tends to stimulate new patterns of thought. While an amount of stability is desirable, too much leads to stagnation and embrittlement, and too little leads to confusion and mass erosion.

As your understanding of the situation develops, you will come to know where you need to apply further magickal effort, and where to direct your mundane actions. With your newfound wisdom, you will see where reality is already quite soft and open to change, and where there are blockages that need to be removed, worked around, or leapt over. You will also see where no further magickal effort is required, where reality will sort itself out, and where your own actions will suffice.

Follow these steps, remain calm, and trust in the magick, and you will be able to navigate through any set of circumstances that the spirits may present to you. In my experience, they have never given me something that I couldn’t handle, and even when that appeared to be the case in the thick of things, everything became much clearer once I emerged through the process, and I could see with a fresh perspective the wisdom and might of magick.

And as promised, a quick update on me. I have certainly enjoyed my time on this forum, and it pleases me a great deal to be a part of this hub of open and free discussion. I don’t know of anywhere else where people can ask questions or talk about such a host of different magickal traditions and practices, and not only receive answers from experienced practitioners of said traditions, but also not be judged for their desires, circumstances, or choice of magick (well, unless you’re an ass about it to us).

This truly is a magickal place.

Moving forward, I plan to continue with this style of long-form article, discussing ideas and techniques that have been helpful to me in my practice, and sharing knowledge imparted by the spirits on my journey thus far. I will also make an effort to generally keep things “system-agnostic,” but if you have a question about what spirit would be useful in certain circumstances, I can provide a suggestion from my own experience and practice.

If you have any questions, comments, or stories related to this topic, please share your thoughts - I’m more than happy to further discuss these ideas, or to give advice should it be sought.

Thank you all for reading, and I wish you the best :slight_smile: