I cant see or hear demons -

I was very much attracted towards Duke sallos even at one point i feel like in a drunk situation and feel like sallos is with me and my heart is full of love for him but when I try to summoned Duke sallos nothing happen. I offer chocolate and juice to him but when nothing happen i ate those :confused: even though I dont want to…
Later I feel I should stop summoning him.

And than I got attracted to words King Pimon. I listen to one of his guided meditation on youtube first day for a second I got some feelings like i am floating on water but sleep with no more interaction next day i again listen to that maeditation but nothing at all happen.

Am i so weak in energy that I am unable to summon any demon Or any other reason is there. Can some one help me pls. Whats wrong with me


You need to develop your astral senses. Takes lots and lots of meditation practice.
See if you can purchase soul travel from EA Koetting his good some good exercises for that then you will be able to visit spirits in the astral realm and talk to them.

When you make an offering, do not eat the offerings the spirit won’t come and eat your offerings but they draw energy from the source.
Leave the offerings on the alatr for at least 48 hours is recommended.
I my self I would leave until it starts to go bad and gets stinky.

Do this for now until you learn to soul travel.

Good Luck and Have Fun


I have read some where to eat offering so sprits can take energy from you… Awy thank you so much I start meditation from today


If you just start today. Go easy with 3 min 3 times daily meditation just close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

Learn to control your thoughts for now.


its so relaxing … thanks a million :slight_smile:

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Not sure where you would have read that, but if a spirit is taking energy from you, then it is a vampiric spirit and not something you would want hanging around.

There are only two reasons you would consume the offerings for a spirit. 1, you made an offering of the physical experience of eating and drinking, rather than the food or drink itself. Or, 2, you are working in a tradition where one eats with the gods, like the Norse or the Greek traditions.

Generally though, in the demonic tradition, the offerings are left on the altar for the spirits, as @BeastCreature mentioned.


No, eat the offering so that the spirit can experience it through you. It’s not the same thing as taking energy from you. Spirits don’t have physical senses like we do, so they have to experience these physical offerings through us. Letting the offering sit there until it turns bad is useless for most spirits. It’s doing sweet F-A for them.


eat it or not ??? … I think the best is what our believe is
Or ask the sprits directly :slight_smile:

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I agree, asking the spirits would be best if you aren’t sure.

When I woke with the Goetia, I consume the offering, usually. They temporarily connect to me in such a way that they too can experience it through me. So if I’m asked for a cup of tea, a smoke, to clean my teeth, or have a shower, or anything like that, then I need to consume the sea, the ciggie, etc otherwise they get nada.

I asked one of them recently why they like offerings, and he said to me they want the experiences.


Thank you every one I now have a clear vision… you guys are great :slight_smile:


what seemed to work 4 u?


Both work

while i was listening to king piamon meditation (which I listen daily now) they touch me yahoooo i feel their touch it was so soft like a feather so warm and lovely touch but very brief . Even I made a wish to #Sallos its fulfill now… :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: these guys are love

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I experience that its not important to made all those hard rituals these demons can listen to you even If one do not have their sigil Right?

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yes its very helpful to me :slight_smile:

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No you are not week. I have been in your shoes in the beginning. What alot of people don’t realize is they try too hard atleast i did. To get in touch with your own spirituality one needs to relax completely hence meditation is a great tool but even then people try hard to meditate

My suggestion would be to eliminate your desire and focus on nothing. If you are working with a demon just ask them to help you communicate with them.
Then meditate with there enn to the point when there enn comes naturally to you without putting in any effort.

Ps some demons just don’t like to show themselves unless you are ready for it afterall the demon is there to help you not scare the shit out of you making you turn away from them.

Many of us even though we have chosen this path are yet not 100% onboard with it.
What I mean is are you the kind of person who wants to see the spirit but the first sign you get like a knock or a shadow in the corner or That feeling when you are being watched and your heart starts racing?

First step is be honest with yourself as these spirits know you better then you yourself. As unlike us they don’t dwell on the conscious mind they tap the subconscious for the real you. The you, you cannot fake.

A good step in acclimation is to learn more about the demon you wish to work with aswell as learning more about this world in general. What I feel is a demon can communicate with you in different ways. Face to face being the best but results are not dependent on you seeing the demon.

I hope this helps