I can see spirit faces in pictures. Thread for selfies with your spirits


Here are a couple from tonight. I have tons thoigh… <3


This one is pretty damn epic.


Somthing by the drums, I just cant mke it out. Sorry.


Lost count of the number of faces.

Yes a lot does seem to be going on in this one.


I think I can actually see something behind you in yours. Just an outline though!

Edit: two somethings.


Definitely. :slight_smile: Im constantly surrounded by spirits. I have a couple photos with more “physical” manifestations I’ll have to find.


There are some big, powerful friends in that photo for sure.


Here. Might make it easier to see. Adjusted brightness, saturation, and contrast.


I still see them as outlines, but I think that’s due to my psychic senses not being completely developed yet…but now I see three with it enhanced like that.


Took this in my new home. Curious if you see anything. Thanks :slight_smile:


There is a couple of things there with the saturation. Lots of dark swirls and I see something above your right shoulder. It looks like a big head, and not human at all. Big head but the rest of the body is not as defined. It has large bulging, glowing eyes, and a very big, mischievous looking grin with lots of sharp teeth. Almost like enjoying being in the picture with you, lol.


I see a lot of different faces here. One aticks out most right now is a man with round glasses on near your left shoulder. They almost look like goggles.


I see a bearded man in the rug


Cute kid but need more solid background really to see shapes


I see what looks to be a Cheshire cat looking creature or a grateful dead bear. It’s grinning anyway.



The first picture or maybe the first picture combined with the hat from the last picture?


Huh. I wonder who that would be. Like really, I have no clue haha.



You have the Star of David on your cheek.


Taken just now