I can hear myself think 24 hours of the day! Will this ever subside?

I’ve been meditating. I’ve gotten to the point of being aware of my thoughts to the point of waking up from a dream due to having thoughts in the dream!!!
Will this ever stop happening Or will it continue to get worse and worse the more I meditate!!
I mean I’m glad that I am becoming aware of my thoughts as much as I am. It will be great for my magickal practices:)
It’s like I’ll have a dream The dream will be getting good and then I will wake up because my thoughts wake me up.
I mean it is annoying having my mind thinking 24 hours of the day.
Like I’ll go to sleep and throughout the dream I’ll be thinking and then I wake up because of the constant thoughts happening in my dream.
The constant thinking will make me have lucid dreams which is good… I analyze stuff while in my dreams through thinking.
I mean I’m not lucid in my dreams I’m just more aware of my thoughts.

What I exactly mean By it subsiding is.
when I’m fully conscious during sleep I can just start thinking.
Instead of just having thoughts happening not being fully aware in dream state


In essence you want to learn how to ignore your thoughts ?

No I don’t.
I said it will be good for my magickal practices. Which means I don’t wanna ignore it. If I ignored my thoughts then I wouldn’t be able to lucid dream

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Ask a clear question

We all can hear ourselves think 24 hours of the day , the sleep one sounds quite strange though

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Yeah I know

I did will this ever subside?
By that I mean when I’m fully conscious during sleep I can just start thinking.
Instead of just having thoughts happening not being fully aware in dream state

Yep it will subside , i would advise setting a timer for 5 minutes and think absolutely nothing , practice it repeatedly , then you’ll be able to control your thoughts far better

How would I set a timer in my dream, not even thinking for 5 minutes when I’m not even fully conscious In my dream?

I have to be fully conscious in dream state, if I’m going to set a timer for 5 minutes.
I’m not saying. I want the thinking to just stop in dream state. I’m saying can it become a controlled action in dream state?
A absolute controlled action. (Thought)

You’ve had some good advice. I can give a different perspective.

I have trouble turning off sounds due to my involvement with the war in Iraq. As part of my interview and acceptance with jobs, I require that I be able to block out sounds because of this. How this pertains to you is that I use Magnesium Citrate at night to help me sleep without dreams.

I’m not suggesting it be used all of the time, but if these sounds within dreams are causing issues and you need some sleep, then I would suggest you do some research and talk to a medical professional to see if that may help for those times where you really need some sleep.

Thankfully, my future brother-in-law is a General Practitioner. Perhaps something similar could be useful here-and-there if you find yourself not being able to sleep due to this? It doesn’t take away all of the dreams, but seems to give several hours of sleep where I’m not woken by dreams, usually 3-4.

Anyway, please consult a doc before using. Not all magnesium is useful in this way. Hope it helps.


Becoming aware of what goes on in the mind is the first step to calming the mind. Given time and diligent practice, the mind can become quiet.

I follow the book The Mind Illuminated for mindfulness meditation, by the way. It is by far the best meditation manual that I have read (haven’t read many, but it’s 1000% better than what I found on reddit meditation forums).

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I mean to do it in your waking hours , not while you try to sleep