I bumped into this card!

Hi guys. Yesterday I was on my way to go to work and I bumped into this card. I generally take metro but yesterday I decided to walk a little bit… and generally I don’t pay attention at such things but… this time I kinda feel something, like a message… what are your impressions? :thinking:

It certainly could be a message. If this card does not have any personal meaning to you, you could look up what the general divination message is of this card. The ten of diamonds corresponds to the ten of pentacles in the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck. You could google either “ten of pentacles tarot” or even “ten of diamonds tarot” for descriptions and think about what it means for your current situation. Maybe even take in account where your head was at, at the time you found this card.

Remember the rule of threes, three times is a pattern once is a coincidence unless it means something to you