I believe that Christianity is an Antichrist religion

The Roman church has defiled Jesus, an alchemist’s teachings. They murdered the practitioners of magick as Heretics for knowing their God/Goddess hood. It is time for the truth to be known. You can only hide the truth so long because each of you can access it in the depths of your heart. And here’s a funny one. Why do they worship Satan in secret? Because they know the truth, that he/she is the God/Goddess of this world. :kiss:

Ever listen to the lords prayer in Hebrew? When I did I realize it’s a shortened version of the invocation of solomon. When the disciples asked Jesus “how do we pray.?” he answered with the Lord’s Prayer. he wanted us to claim our power

Defiled jesus? What you mean?

They twisted his teachings to fit their needs. They keep wisdom for their selves that should be free to everyone. He is not the only to embody the Christos nor the last. Their have been many

So do you agree that christians are antichrist and worship devil in secret??



The top of hierarchy know the truth. The people are kept ignorant. Same with the Elite

What would this answer mean to your practice?

You just want to hear what you want to hear aren’t you?


To my knowledge, Lilith has nothing to do with the Antichrist. And no, I don’t think Christians worship the devil in secret. That doesn’t make any sense.

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This is how twisted up things can get when you start looking at reality through the lens of mysticism instead of logic and reason


Smurfs do though. Or are they Islamic?

Yeah, those are bombs under that bridge.

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What the fuck :laughing:

Well, you know…

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