I believe that Christianity is an Antichrist religion

In Christianity you can find the word Antichrist
and in Antichrist you can find the word Christian
and both of the words Christianity and Christian give in numerology the number 11 which is the number of Lilith. who agrees with me?

There is the number 358 in gematria, which is the number of both the Messiah and the serpent

How does come having villains in a religion makes that religion anti version of itself?

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I’m sure there is a gematria explanation for that, but the OP says that Lilith is 11 and in gematria Lilith is 480, so I don’t know. 11 is the number of magick, the hexagram and the pentagam together, it is associated with Babalon (which I don’t like very much currently), and thus one could associate that whore with Lilith by their common sexual traits, and as Babalon and Lilith are in some sense the main goddesses of a couple currents, and Christ is the main god for Christians, then everything begins to make sense

Have you ever thought of the fact that english is not the only language on earth? And back in the days of Jesus Christ they didn’t speak english?


I think that anyone can pick between the various systems of numerology (none of which agree with each other) until they arrive at the sums they were looking for in the first place. It happens all the time which is why I ignore numerology


@MagusOfGamaliel Eh, that can also be applied to word ALLAH, Al is Arabic version of El which means God (I could be totally wrong, this is what I remember), La means ‘no, nothing’ (La ilahe illallah=The is no god other then Allah).

Again if I remember correctly, value of letter Elif is 1,and value of Lam is 30.Both La and Al makes 31 this way, which is interpreted as Allah is both beginning and the end, or both good and evil, etc.

Sounds like : My asshole is pink so polar bears are dying Connection to me. :man_shrugging::laughing:

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Well, I was refering to finding the word “Antichrist” in “christianity”. In other languages this does not work. So it’s completely irrelevant and can not be used as a hint/proof that christianity is an antichrist religion.


Which is exactly what it is. The idea that two things are connected because their names add up to the same thing has no logic. You only have the internal logic of gematria itself which isn’t logic at all. And a different system produces different mathematical results and hence, different connections. A person’s asshole is not connected to polar bears no matter what the math says.


Of course :wink:

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Yet another inconvenient truth for numerology to contend with


Gematria is made to create food for thought so one achieves gnosis, it is much like using letters, words and numbers as tarot cards. Crowley and others use Al instead of El, I found that that is because the pronounciation is different depending on the group of Jews

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Christianity can’t be an antichrist religion lol christ is within that religion, christ is literally part of that religion, antichrist is some made up bs from that religion as well that some LHP people like to call themselves “we are the antichrist cause we’re dark magicians yahur”


In actual fact, what it does is cause people to make false connections between things. I randomly enetered the word “dumbass” into an English gematria calculator. It adds to 474. Other words that add to this are: cabalistic, sword, and nature. You can’t forge connections between those concepts without throwing logic out the window. That isn’t gnosis. It’s delusion.


And hammers cause people to smash their own fingers

In Jesus time,languages like Hebrew,Aramaic and Greek were spoken.

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I see a disproportionate number of fingers getting smashed with this

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I don’t

Yeah. I always thought it was a joke: “God, not” meaning “not God”.

Edit: and I think Gematria is a very useful tool to connect ideas.

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