I believe I was successful in reaching Sallos

Tonight I attempted to reach Sallos with a petition I wrote.

For anybody wondering what I did. I had a red candle and wrote out his sigil. I wrote out my petition and gazed into his sigil till I felt the energy and I said his enn and name. For how long I could not tell you I got lost in everything once I started doing it. When I felt his prescence. I told him my petition. It’s about a ex of mine. We had been broken up for 3 months. We were engaged and when we broke up we both felt awful about it but she is stubborn and still contacts me weekly and tells me she misses me and loves me but wants me to resolve some issues I have. With that said I have been doing that and I need a little help with her seeing it. so this is why I wrote Sallos a petition.

After I read Sallos my petition. Myself heart was racing and I had goosebumps. Still do as I write this. I masturbated over the petition watching a video me and my ex made together. As I started to masturbate it almost felt like I was having sex with her. By the time I finished it felt like I actually just got done having sex. My legs and arms and everything feel wore out. My intent was strong with this so I don’t know if that’s why it felt the way it did but I take this as a good sign. I told Sallos I would publicly thank him and show love to him. So that’s what I’m doing. Thank you Sallos! I look forward to what’s going to happen!

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Great to hear about your success! For future reference, there is a thread where everyone can thank the spirit(s) they work with, and everyone can see them in one thread. :+1: Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!