I became a Vampire in a astral projection with LUCIFERS HELP reading please? Thanks 😊

:joy::joy::joy: Yo. But this is a but possible. You can get a draconic essence. Mix it with some far sparkle and angelic essence. But it wouldn’t be a light process

no becoming a hybird race wouldn’t be as easy as being a pure blooded race


Okay man. I’m out.

And you know this how exactly?


he just said he have astral travel before, so he must have met some, or become one himself

Actually it makes no difference. If a deity wanted to transmute your soul in some way it would not be harder or easier. However, I think you’re creating the wrong idea around these things. The astral is the plane of thought/imagination/collective unconscious.

Umm this is basi. Stuff man. Your soul can be transmuted to a variety of beings essences who have the capacity to do so and if you’re compatible or able to hold these. I think that’s the main reason why we are magicians. Apotheosis and transfiguration


No, it really isnt


Samael is excellent with this. Its basically just trying to alter the nature of your energetuc signature. Changing the contents of you Nadis and system

It’s actually not basic as far as I’ve seen not many knew about soul transmutation until I started frequently talking about it here :laughing: albeit it’s somewhat similar to thoughts on ascension.


Do you believe that your soul can be devoured?

Yes. And of late some really interesting stuff has been happening a lot of people missing. Heard that some individuals are ascending their physical bodies to an etheric state. And all the new world order shit.but not quite sure on that

What I mean is if an entity can have the “tech” to lacerate you to Smitherness…then they probably can do “astral” surgeries on you that would make you not so “human”…i mean its something comparable to alkhemy.
The “internal” change that we seek in magick apart from just manifesting stuff

No it’s not How can I become a hybrid? (vampire and werewolf)

You already will be, you are engaged now in its composition. The transformation’s duration is entirely on your capabilities. Like I said Orobas said that I would be a Hybrid vampire/ werewolf. I’m already a Vampire all I need to be now is a Werewolf.
He also said this. In the dawn of time, we once were of part and parcel at one with a mighty light ourselves. Not all of us, not Azoth, not Shaitan. But many of us, it’s true as they say, fell from that higher place. We were damned forever to create our own light, a black light, an invisible light to those without the aptitude to perceive it. This black light is as much yours as the darkness is, although you have yet to intuit it. Nonetheles, it will be yours to conquer, child, as much as any token we allow you to take with force.
He also said this
No psychic in the land recognizes your true potential like us.

Assume for a moment that all of that is true. How does that change things for you? How does it help? Does it make a bit of difference in your life at all?

uh wot.

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Aren’t you that same dude who was posting under another name claiming you had vampire mind control powers?


I’m pretty sure you are this guy. :point_up_2: