I became a Vampire in a astral projection with LUCIFERS HELP reading please? Thanks 😊

Alright so Lucifer and me are cool he helps me out a lot, he’s always there for me when I need him, I asked him to turn me into a vampire I’ve had the thought of being a vampire for months, this morning I woke up from a Astral projection in the AP I met a vampire he bit me I woke up and feel different within. So I would like a reading whatever reading is fine.

if it was astral/mental I dont think it’ll show up in a scan towards your energy system since the nature of the astral plane, but it is good to get a scan to make sure it wasn’t something else.

Yeah it was the Astral plane I was in a huge deep cave the cave lead to a forest type area, the vampire was waiting for me there. I used to be a bake danuki but that part of me Left

That’s not really how that works. And I don’t pick up anything unusual apart from a desire to escape your current reality. Vague subjective inner feeling does not a vampire make.


I worked with orobas this is what he said to me, Will I succeed in becoming a hybrid of a vampire/werewolf? If I try to become one!
Yes, my child. You will become one of the greatest of your kind.
How can I become a hybrid? (vampire and werewolf)
You already will be, you are engaged now in its composition. The transformation’s duration is entirely on your capabilities.

Irrelevant. Still not how this works

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I will not try to prove to you

That’s probably for the best


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The whole vampire/werewolf hybrid narrative is straight out of the Underworld movies.


U don’t know that, cause there are hybrid demi human in the eheric realm just as there pure blooded demi human

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:joy::joy:save your breath mate let him be​:joy:


What the fuck does this really mean. I just fail to understand what the fuck y’all are on.
While I know of people who can ascend their physical bodies to an etheric state. All these hybrid stuff is just weird

In the unseen realm there be hybird race, and pure blooded race, for example a pure blooded race is the same as an human couple who are white and have children together, while a hybird race is the same as an interracial human couple who one is white, and one is black and have a mix child together

Vampire/werewolf hybrid is pure fantasy, just because the etheric/spiritual have hybrid races doesn’t mean every fantasy show you watched has living counterparts. Can a vampire entity and a werecreature entity breed together? who knows may/maybe not but you’re letting your delusions bleed too much into your occult practice.


Anyone can claim that they are an astral demonic elven draconic unicorn from dimension x. People who do that are a dime a dozen and it never amounts to anything of substance or value. But by all means, continue playing games.


Basically some entities breed together, for example in mythology kitsune were believed to steal men’s semen to produce more kitsune, they wouldnt be hybrids however as in mythos the child always came out 100% kitsune due to the kitsune factor.

Or like Baal a draconic demon has daughters who are draconic and succubus, and they basically look like succubus with small scales as their skin/on their skin.

However, this guy is coming from an anime point of view, as he has made it very well known he has a thing for anime bunnygirls and the likes and want them to exist spiritually.


To hybrid in terms of what. I know that anyome or thing can become a “vampire”.but if you mean hybrid in terms of “dna” then that can make some sense.
Things can have nordic/ET blood. Or you can transmute your soul with the help of entities to have a variety of races “blood” for example angelic demonic. But I don’t think it’d be that easy