I am Truly Stunned

…this shit just got real for me!

I opened the Abremelin Square to bring some much needed money my way. Now, I’ve tried this square many times before and had no success, but this time I approached the ritual differently. Instead of being focused on the money I needed, I instead looked at the goal of the ritual as being my Ascent. I decided the success or failure of the operation didn’t matter, only whether it would aid in my progression. I found this approach worked wonders for my obsessive attachment to the outcome.

Boom! Within 72 hours I received money from a very unexpected source I could not have predicted. Though it was not the full amount I asked for (it was slightly more than half) I count it as a great success.

I want to thank Claidheam, whose very insightful Tarot reading in regards to my Ascent changed my way of looking at ritual.


Hell yeah, this is awesome!

This is very insightful. I myself have always struggled with obsessive attachment to the outcome. I am definitely going to attempt ritual with this mindset.

It may not have been exactly what you asked for, but by any chance was it exactly what you needed? Like not a penny over or under what you needed?