I am partaking a pathworking with the Nine Goetic Kings. Starting with The Demon king Beleth

As you might know of my pathworking with the gatekeepers ans after my meditation journey which all interestingly took three years each.

Originaly before my meditation journey, I was going to work with the Nine Goetic Kings right after my gatekeeper pathworking but as I slowly partook meditation as my one and only spiritual discipline I was hooked.
Fast forward three years and I am back at the exact same time I was evoking beleth and I am doing it again. Finish what I had started.

The pathworking

Following Abaddon’s instruction of

expand your Ascetism!

This meant completely deatching from the world and sitting as on observer putting the world at play. Normal asceticism is the mastery of self, restriction in order to perfect the self beyond the mental clouds there lies the light of the soul.
In the past three years I partook many ascetic practices Which I incorporated them in my daily life, this became normal to me but in my retreat I done nothing major of magick, I done only small things like influence, I played around using visualization and imposition of will at the end of my meditation before looking the horizon above and kissing the ground in means of great gratitude to the potential of life given to me, literally just being alive and able to have these moments.

Outwards asceticism is literally the act of influential magick, magick to cause and magick to rule this physical world. I consider it my duty to have more than enough wealth for my future loved ones: women and children. This is my cause for wealth, I personally can live with bread and olives but chose to enpower my body in so doing I Train to become an strong athlete to protect my self from the wolves of the world even if all of my efforts can be ended by a a flying bomb which I dream of engineering myself funny things huh. Meditation was only the start and not the middle nor the end, I consider myself as “just fertilized” and the transition to become something must be severe.

As a young man I got have high ambitions, as a student I never was any good at school,I was naughty and the fact that I got ADHD or dyslexia you named it didn’t made my situations any better and here I am now two years after school paying the debt of my past sins which I have say that i am doing well. I had rebuilded my mathematics knowledge and filled my dark spots and now armed I am looking for a path, interestingly there is a story about how the demon king helped a biblical character named ham to write a mathematics book.

The Demon king beleth

In this past week I been calling forth since I had felt his presence for a while and considering the work which I haven’t done I chose to answer his calling.
I been evoking beleth after my afternoon japa meditation and the things that he can teach are nothing short of amazing.

Beleth is not only a love demon but he has a lord of darkness gatekeeper kind of presence in so doing Beleth very strong, he always likes to share his glory and power, I am not surprised if he one day decides to enter this physical realm as Godzilla and destroys us all lol. But his purpose luckily for us it is not this, his power is rooted in empire building he has said to me that this outwards Ascetism is the constant building and destroying of “abundance towers” and seeding the world with spells. true power doesn’t fluctuate like the outer world, true power is knowing that all these things are in your finger tips.

Beleth has his own nethers, although he called them “field marshals” and given a few to me and including in my most recent client who struggles with parasites.

In my evocations of simply consisting of simply repeating his name I intuitively called him “sekhmet” the Egyptian fierce lion goddess.

I been given a few more details about this pathworking and I know that the next king is vine.


Is it possible later to try putting together a group work?

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Yes it is.

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What do you mean by this?

What do you consider to be a true master of magick?

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A metaphorical tower is the things that you need to lead a more than comfortable life, money for you to never care about the economy that spirals down. Protection and strength. I consider these towers to be more like external components and virtues to be well guarded. Inside the walls there lies the palace of character that symbolises knowledge of one self, knowledge of who you are when its time for all the mental and external development to be ended by a knife, a bullet, an animal you name it.
Most people die being nobodies only an ego who is stripped away from the storm spiritual or not. I don’t believe in being all spiritual, I think in my opinion that I balance well my spirituallity and physical life, I consider spirituality as a virtue, as a tool, as an attribute and not something all defining.

Yes you can say that you are atman, a living god or a akh what ever you call it but this the metaphorical temple, the temple signifies one’s sadhana or spiritual practice, his spiritual duty. I balance myself in spiritual duty, mental duty, bodily duty and karmic duty.

My spiritual duty is the seeing of the godstar everyday even if it’s the empty tunnel of darkness, I am not going to go without even attempting to see the light of my soul during that fateful day.
Mental and bodily duties are mostly self inflicted, I want to be Very sharp, lethal and strong.
Karmic duty, is what, you are a man? You are a member of a family? Then be a good member, give and show love, help others. Do what you are supposed to and seek to maximise it.

The Highest form of magic for me since the appearance of Azazel is the manifestation of something spiritual into the physical world And that object to be more solid than stone. This may sound that it is impossible because of the natural laws. In my work with gatekeepers, qlippoth and divs I came into knowing even just for a glimpse their chaotic nature and ways of being, literally destruction liberation for them and that’s why the are not defeated by god and his angels. I literally believe that if I work with my godstar and allow the gates of chaos to be open and remain in line then I can do it. That’s why I like to have all these “towers” and “walls” around even if they are essentially bullshit and that’s fine, that’s a way to keep myself balanced and in check.


Just now seen that I went a bit out of track with this question.

The ability to rebuild what is destroyed. You built an empire of wealth and everything is fine. A war breaks out and you are called. You refuse because you deem your Life too sacred to be sacrificed for a nation. You hide out like a fool and after the battle is finished and you need to move on another better not invaded country but since you did answer to their calling then you are a outcast and you have no rights.

Here comes the black master, a fool, a cynic can dethrone and backstab the king of the nation. Using magick he can defeat the law and do as he pleases. Slither in the cracks of the wall and move into a peaceful place where he can start again from zero.

I can see this scenario playing. I do not trust my neighbours which are the Turks. I can manifest an object of chaos, slowly but surely and I consider myself and my potential in Life too sacred to lose it in a war with those. I much prefer to be a honourless fool.


That’s so totally awesome!! Keep us informed


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Hello, I tried dming you but it says that you cannot receive messages for some reason.

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But anyway Here some notes about the working.

Zagan teaches the “contunual perfection” and creation of the chaos cube.

The demon kings called themselves “whirlwinds of chaos” yesterday

Purson has indescribable transformative power and I am not surprised if the kings make “rings” for specific purposes like the gatekeepers for example
Ring 1
Belial amaymon Azazel Abaddon
Ring 2
Lucifuge Beelzebub baal
Ring 3
Asmodeus satan

Right now I am just feasting with the breadcrumbs they give me.

I am quite sure that purson and zagan are on the same ring.

Purson I feel is more on the self anti-transmigration side tho.
Egyn plays a role on this working but I don’t know exactly, I simply received his name as I was trying to process the gnosis that beleth shines.

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Had to turn DM down cause i received tons of private messages…

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This is very important as Egyn is King of the spirits of Earth, right? Gnomes, trolls…

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