I am now a voudan hougan

I wrote out papa legbas sigil call upon him to initiate me into the voudan current. It felt right. For personal reasons i will leave out my requests to legba as it is between me and him. But i will say this i have never felt such tremendous power in years not even from the goetic demons. But my path to power is just beggining


Welcome. We shall be sharing a lot of secrets between you and me.

Papa has been very helpful to me as well. Just remember his cigar and whiskey or rum.

As a first encounter: after calling papa legba he told me some things. I heard his voice just jump into my mind. This was unusual to me because i usually need to spend an hour calling a demon to hear him. I need thoughts on this. (As a note. Not all that was said to me was posted here) but i do feel the loa around me right now. They are very much not afraid to make themselves known to me

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Sounds great, I was surprised how rapidly Damballa entered my mind once I opened to the idea of forming a link.


I know right. Their power is greatly outdone compared to demons. Im speaking from about 10 years of speaking with goetic demons in general. All respect intended but i found my path for now