Ways To Speed Up Demonic Contact?

Moving some posts here from another thread, as it’s an interesting topic of interest to many people on here. :thumbsup:

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Any way of speeding this up?

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Well when i was working with them it depended on the relationship of the demonoc force i was calling

I would think attuning the physical environment to their energetic vibrations as much as possible via incense,crystals,colors (cloth or colored lights) ,metals ect. would help, i do a similar method when i was doing ritual elemental and planetary work to attune my ritual space to the energies being evoked.
Results are usally pretty intense, like all the components i took the time to assemble act as an amplifier for the energy being invoked or evoked.

Part of my current work is exploring the planetary magic in the path of smoke, It is intense stuff. I plan to explore possible combinations in this system with my other methods once the litiany is charged.


Planetary magick with servitors is insanely powerful. Hmm any way of making a portal to their world for better evocation?

Havent tried making an active portal, though i guess what ive been working on with jupiter could be used as a type of portal. :thinking: will need to explore this.

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For a portal I mean something aside from water, blood, fire etc. Like an energetic gateway of sorts.

Ahh ok, in that sense metal and smoke may be useful gates.

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oooh I haven’t tried metal!

Light color and sound are also gates.

For example meditating with the sound of insects droning in the background can yield interesting results and you can get colored lights that resonate with either the planet or elemental nature of the entity or both if you know both. Also if they have a prefered color frequency that resonates better with them that they are known to favor you could use that.


Now I get it! That’s what the Gordon Winterfield information about the smell, colour, taste is about…

So many lightbulb moments today! :bulb:

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I tend to make my own scary brews for this one :smiling_imp:

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Eliphas Levi wrote that the magician must solicit all the senses to become magnetized… Some time ago, following the idea of a modern and scientific magic, I also made up the theory that the incense is an olfactory filter, other type of means are visual filters etc. If the spirits are really already there, all the rest is excluded and the operator tune into the desired entity’s frequency.

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Can’t be any worse than what my mother called cooking… My father was a good man but he cried frequently at meal times.

Strange i’ve never heard of it taking that long demons always appear to me instantly within minutes.

Spirits are actually manifested as soon as you open their sigil and say their name.

This known as a blanket of manifestation, where they power, energy and consciousness is there immediately.

This sounds like a problem with your own communication skills.

I would suggest deepening the TGS into a deeper rapture state, allowing a instant communication.


Lmao i dunno bout that bad. Its ussally a mix of herbal teas,fruit,fruit juice and liquors and ciders. The mix is specific to the operations being done.

Yes, I vaguely recall satan and suns having information on teas, but I could be wrong.