I am new here and eager to learn!

Hello everyone my Name is Tony Kings, I am new here and also new to Magic(practicing),I don’t know any one around me that does Magic or any association that I could join to enhance and help me in the journey thus I am stuck to reading recommended book and stuffs on this awesome website. I discovered this website few days ago and I have been doing a lot of reading @ladyeva has been very helpful.

My aim is to improve my finances, I am after picking money from the floor and stuffs like that, I own a lot of business and I someday see myself on the Forbes list, so I am thinking long term and major finiacial upliftment.

Any suggesting ritual, talisman, amulet, tutorial or books that will help me in this journey will be very much appreciated.

Also I would love to have friends from here, friends and connections runs the world you know… the more the merrier, I don’t know if we are allowed to give out our emails or WhatsApp contact.


Thank you for doing an introduction and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


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hello tony and welcome to BALG

The left hand path is inherently an isolated and isolating one full of alienation. The race is against yourself.


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Thanks a lot… I have read a lot of your post and comment, you seems to be very knowledgeable in mystical stuff, can you recommend any book for me ? … thank for the comment.

I understand that perfectly… share your story with me how did your journey start? And how did you develop yourself ?

Story? Can’t really do that. There’s difficulties with expression and understandings.
An Armchair Magician by myself. Knew all the shit - couldn’t make it work. Was forced to read Liber Null & Psychonaut by Peter James Carroll not long after first publication. All that bullshit now made sense. Actually did Magick! Actually works!

Got into the Order of Nine Angles way of working and coming fresh from Chaos Magic(k) I appreciated their methodology.

I work shortcut methods where possible. The O.N.A. taught me the importance of simple Magickal repetition and chant.

I highly recommend The Church of Satan by Michael Aquino, particularly the Appendices - wherein are real treasures.


Ok that’s deep… thanks a lot for your time, I will definitely check those books out.

sure i can. what are you looking for? a beginners intro to magik…evocations…necromancy…clairvoyance… etc.

Yes… especially magick and evocation, thanks kn advance (smiles)

If you need some good meditations and/or practical exercises to help build your fundamental skills, just hit me up.

cant go wrong with his books as a good start. he also has a few courses on his website that im sure would help but um theyre a bit expensive

there are quite a couple of others and ill pm you when i get the list compiled

Hello … yes I am interested.

Ok thanks… I appreciate a lot

no problem

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F’real, dough. Why is that?

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That’s our path’s nature, if you’re doing it properly.



Michael Aquino writes beautiful American English. Back in the mid-nineteenth century Americans were at the forefront of English literacy. How times have changed, but Aquino delightfully continues that tradition. The Appendices have enough material to last a lhp practitioner several lifetimes, particularly if you read between the lines. Anyone who writes off Anton LaVey does so at their peril.


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