I am new and need help

Hi , i am ben here…i am malaysian indian and i practiced hinduism religion …but i dont ever get what i want in my life…all i wanted is a normal life with good salary and a simple house and a good life partner…but i dont get it…my life become full of problems…i am not peacefull…sometimes i feel like want to kill myself…even tried 1 time before…plz guide me into a better path

Almost all path is better IF YOU KNOW HOW TO WALK IT.

Left Hand Path is seen as evil to some, while it’s paradise to some. While some deviates from it, many embrace it.

It’s that simple. Path isn’t what you should check but what exactly is wrong on your side!

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Thanx for the kind response. I really dont know how to explain what is wrong on my side , its just always bad things keep happening . Im so tired to solving problems …i keep solving and it keeps happening…

Welcome @Bern

Do you have any experience in magick?

Can you explain more about the problems you are facing ?

Try meditation and most likely some entity will contact you. They will guide you and know a lot about your desires. Usually you should be careful what kinds of energies you attract (if you come into it with negative energy like depression etc.) You could work your way up to more powerful beings over time. Could take a few years.