I am going to stop sucking at meditation I swear

My mind wanders but interestingly, I think about things I never do normally. Could be past events that bothered me and the meditation brings out. I try remembering after the fact to see if I can learn from those situations. When I rotate which rituals/entities I work with, its refreshing to feel different energy. I do not recommend it before bed. Had horrific experiences.


It’s funny I can turn off my mind at any point of the day or night expect when I need to focus.

Same here. I am like why I am thinking about this right now.

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This is something I really what to look into. I wonder if I can find some training semi local to me.


I get really moody (worse then normal when I fast). But I need a good detox so I will try this too.


I’ll try this as well!

wow so much great advice from everyone thank you soo much!


Try fixing your gaze on a point, draw a point in paper, fix your gaze on it

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EVERYBODY sucks at meditation. Look at this thread and it reflects that realisation.

The difference between people who succed and those who fail is realising that everybodys mind wanders.

The key to meditation, and everything else in life (Wu Wei - Effortless action or flow), is to stop sweating the small stuff.

All meditation is about is just gently bringing the mind back when it wanders. That’s all it is.

Mind wanders. Bring it back. Wash rinse repeat.

What happens if you fall asleep while meditating? It’s okay, fall asleep.
What happens if my mind wanders? It’s okay, bring it back to the point of focus.
What’s wrong with me that I can’t focus on one thing? It’s okay, realise everyone else has the same issues. Even after years of meditative practice.

Our minds move from pain, and towards pleasure. Setting up a meditation practice is impossible, when it’s filled with self criticism, pain, and even suffering.

Two choices with vastly different outcomes.

  1. There are millions of people who meditate who’s minds don’t wander. There’s something wrong with my mind that’s completely different from all those people’s minds that it wanders. I probably have ADHD. Especially with meditation or focus, but not with Netflix and playing Witcher 3 or Fornite. Maybe I’m just not cut out for meditation. But it’s so important. Okay, let me try even HARDER to focus. I’m going to get this right even if it kills me. And whammo - it’s been a few months of not meditating, and we are completely shocked at how that happened, and curse our will power again. And the same cycle repeats itself. Sound familiar?

  2. Everybody’s mind wanders. My only job is to set up 10 minutes a day, and add 5 minutes every couple of weeks till I get to a max of 30-60 minutes. I am going to be relaxed, and kind with myself if my mind wanders, because that is it’s job. All I have to do is bring the mind back.
    That’s ALL I have to do set a regular time, and bring the mind back vs no regular time (we dont rise to the level of our goals, we fall to the levels of our systems - James Clear), self criticism, pain and suffering (mind moves towards pleasure and away from pain cue inconsistency).

Meditating is easy once you know how - it’s not mind not wandering, and kicking yourself for being such a distracted numbnuts, but about relaxing and bringing the mind back when it wanders, and enjoying the process.


Thanks for this it’s amazing advice!

Try sitting still, relax your mind and literally in your mind count from 1 to 108 and then back to 1. I find that to be a pretty good preliminary meditation. I find this to train the attention quite well.

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Thank you so much! I have all these different things to try. I keep track of everything as I try it and let you know how it turns out.

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I meditate on a daily and what I’ve learned is to not “clear the mind” but to accept it as it is, focus on your breathing and feel the in and out of the breath but if you loose track of it and go into your thoughts then just bring it back to the breath and move on, you cannot stop the mind and Infact trying to force a clear mind will make the meditation worse, just be…thats it all the thoughts to come and go like waves and over time it will be easier and easier to just allow the mind to calm itself…" trying to calm the mind is like trying to calm waves with a flat iron, just leave the mind alone and it will calm itself" I hope this helps a bit good luck and you got this!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hah! Tried, but failed miserably in putting things as eloquently as you did :slight_smile:

I can soooooo relate, from my experience, it’s the ego running away, finding anything to latch onto to keep you from leaving the sea of beaing.

Live, Love and stay WILD my friends

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This was just what I needed to read !
Thank you for this inspirational post :slight_smile:

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I too had this difficulty, so I found some om chanting on you tube and omed with them. Within a moth something happened…I began in the morning and after what seemed mere minutes I decided to stop. It was evening time. Don’t give up. And if the serpent should awaken, don’t fear, her name is Kundalini. She is so eye opening!:goat:

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Do you have the video links by any chance?

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