I am deeply grateful for you mother lilith

i want to thank you, for helping me heal my past traumas, thank you for helping me with my vampyrism , thank you for helping me not give a fuck about what others think, thank you for giving me undeniable magickal experiences, thank you for showing me how strong i am, thank you for helping me grow so much, i feel so much gratitude for you. you told me that it is time to work with other spirits for some time and i know you are doing this out of love and because you want me to grow and even though i am writing with tears in my eyes i want to say i truly love you and appreciate you for what you have done for me.

hail mother lilith, we will see each other again. words can’t express my gratitude

i honestly don’t have any idea why i am putting this here but i just feel like it for some reason


Good job !

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