I am an addict

Of information that is. I am the world’s worst at “hey, let me read this and learn everything I can.” After that I do not put it to practice and move on to the next thing.

At some point in my life I quit experiencing and just started engrossing myself in words. Intellectually and theoretically I know how to do many things but in practice not so much.

Tomorrow I am going to try something new. I am putting away my books and my internet for a week. I will use that extra time building my ability to enter the astral realm, go deeper into trance and meditation.

When I return I will share how it went and what I learned. Today, however, my books and internet are fair game. I will be studying up and getting ready.


I have done this very thing a few times in my life. It is a very good practice in my opinion. If possible, try to spend time out in nature, and away from cities and such. Also, I would suggest you keep a notebook handy, and journal your experiences. You might be surprised at how much can come through once you quiet your mind. Best of luck.

Ars Longa Vita Brevis

Where I live you would think I have a deep connection with nature. Unfortunately that is not the case. Thank you I will definitely be incorporating that.

I I’ve in the country in Texas surrounded by trees.

Your very welcome, and this may be a perfect chance to cultivate a connection to nature.

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I’m in this club too. I have started hiking, and spending more time with chanting and other meditation. I still have this internal rushed drive for more information and research though

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