I Always Get Zozo When I Use A Ouija Board, Help?

I always get zozo when I use the ouija board. Why is this? Should i Just tell everything I want to say to him? I get zozozozozozozozozozo endlessly sometimes.

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@Skarnette I made this it’s own topic since it’s not about whether spirits can die, also, so it doesn’t get buried in that thread. :+1:

Ouija boards: those things are not really reliable, you probably have that because that’s the spirit so many people expect to get.

I honestly don’t recommend them for most people, it’s like trying to get serious help in life and going on chatroulette - you MAY get lucky, or some circumstance may mean you have a spirit close enough to immediately answers, but mostly you’re just going to get very specific types of entity takin g the call (so to speak).

Think of it like getting your teeth done, if you had limitless funds for this would you choose a dentist of high renown who has many clients speaking of him in glowing terms, or, would you just let any random person start drilling away?

One of the reasons grimoires are a thing, and sigils, is so people know they’re not just getting some random spirit, and also, so you don’t waste time and energy and can go straight to the ones who are willing and able to help.


Also ill post this since I think my reply got moved to its own thread, I just tried to use a ouija board I wrote down myself, and I got really nauseous. I feel like I have been battling some sort of spell binding or negative parasitic entity for a while now, its really distracting and its not letting me get any progress at all with magic. It seems every time I try I get dizzy and feel like shit/no motivation. It wasn’t always like this, is there any way to get rid of it? I feel like nothing ever happens when I try to meditate on it. I have written down the sigil of the demon I wish to talk to. I just dont know what im doing wrong or if I should just keep at it.

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Get rid of the board would be my advice, then banish your space:

Once the place feels clean and you’re not getting any adverse symptoms like nausea, nightmares, whatever, begin with this method, additional advice on it in the post below:

Advice and what to expect:


thank you


Try creating a sacred circle before using it and also burn sage while stating “no harm can come to me only genuine spirits can talk to me”


Btw if you have anything like Tarot cards or whatever in the house, wrap them in a couple of layers of baking foil or put them in a sealed tin, sealing things in metal (doesn’t need to be thick) prevents any negative energies from being able to use them as a portal.


I reckon it could be just getting what you expected to get, it’s a pretty common occurrence among those newer to evocation; you expect Lucifer to be a horned demon, you’ll get a horned demon. Similarly, you expect a ouija board to evoke zozo, it’ll evoke zozo.
I could also be that he wants to work with you.
Kiss and Eva also raised some excellent points, no one wants stray energy messing with your work.


^this. I don’t think going to the extreme of getting rid of the Ouija board is necessary, but there are some precautions to take before using one that can increase the likelihood of having a positive experience. Casting a circle around it with the intention of only positive spirits being allowed through works well, or even just tailoring the session to a particular entity (like it sounds like you’re doing) works well. Otherwise, like @Lady_Eva said, it’s like using Chatroulette or flipping through the phone book and dialing a random number for serious advice.

I personally like Ouija boards and have quite a few different ones I’ve bought and made. I’ve never experienced anything overtly negative from them, but I try to always approach it with respect and after taking the appropriate precautions.


For some reason the wandering spirits that show up through the Ouija board can seem to stick around to the exclusion of other spirits. EA, in his Mastering Divination course, tells how he used to talk to a spirit called Ed when he was a kid using the board with his friends–and when he demonstrates using the board during the course, guess who shows up after twenty-odd years? Ed.

Zozo in particular has not the nicest of reputations… IMO he, like many other wandering spirits or thought-forms, appears to feed off negative energy like fear, and will communicate with or cause poltergeist activity around the board in order to trigger his favorite food source. I would politely dismiss him, banish the area, cast a protective circle with a set positive intent, and try again for more positive spirits if you still want to use the Ouija board. Otherwise, there are more effective and reliable methods for spirit communication like those previously suggested by @Lady_Eva.


its weird because the exact same thing happened to me in New Jersey 8 years ago when my friends were using the board. after a while zozo was the ONLY one who would come through, as well as a bad spirit named mary who was hogging the bord.


It’s like the CB radio of the spirit world. Sure, you can catch some passing truckers, but for the same price you can get a shortwave and hear serious broadcasts that are actually saying something.


at least ed gein doesnt show up when you use it like he does when im with friends every freaking time i had to stop using it lol

When I see a pretty girl walking down the street, I think two things. One part wants to be real nice and sweet, and the other part wonders what her head would look like on a stick.
–Ed Gein

Yeah, I can see how that would get a little unnerving. :joy:


I would burn the damn thing. Hair in my neck goes up when I see the word Ouija board…“Funny” in a way because in the past it was one of my first attempts to contact the unseen. But I see it now as a way for thrill seekers.


I think like @Lady_Eva says, banishing. Oh and it is your temple, so you decide who gets in or not. So even If your using the board be clear to the ones you want to make contact with. When I have a question for my higher self or Angelic beings I ask my higher self or Angels to give an answer. Or you only welcome the spirit from a specific sigil.


Actually Borgy you remind me that burning camphor is said to banish all spirits of a “lower” vibration than the angelic from a space, that may also be an option, then get some angelic assistance in to monitor access while you rebuild your space, until you can sheild it and contact reliable spirits.


By the way if people want more info on ZOZO then search on Darren Wayne Evans. https://darrenevansparanormal.blogspot.nl/

Others have debunked his story, but it’s interesting to read about it and form your own opinion.

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Beside the E.A. links here is another banishing ritual from the cabalistic cross: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzLE415vAvo

This guy his guided meditation is really powerful.

Why are you using a Ouija board? For starters I don’t think demons, if that’s who you’re trying to contact, typically go for that. There are far too many other things that can come through. Just evoke, even if it’s your grandma you’re trying to contact.