I accidentally upset belial. How do I patch things up?

I forgot to give him blood a few times… this is the only thing I can think of, I did give it to him later on… probably not as much as he would’ve liked… may not have taken him as seriously as I shouldve… how can I make amends with belial? What does he like?

Ask him what you did to upset him, and then ask what you can do to make amends. Don’t make assumptions about what it might be or what will appease him. Be direct.


Thanks brother!

How do you know he’s mad at you?


Yeah, what’s specifically been going on to make you think he’s upset? Has he not been answering you?

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Also, be sincere in your apology. Spirits can sense intent and if they think you’re not being honest, that will make things worse.


I don’t believe he is mad well not about what you think at least be polite and sincere apologies wen u speak with him so you will know also be respectful in your response to why he is upset

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He’s not mad at you he’s giving you time to come to your own conclusions about your requests. He’s observing how you handle things. Don’t misread his intention :slight_smile:


Sometimes I’ve felt him pull away as I grow. Then i just get all like. "B, I love you so much, even if I could do it all by myself someday. I’d always need and want you and our dark circle. Come on over here and have some blood and energy.
Just remember I take Sacrament I’m not a sacrifice. Love you. " then I do a few nights of communing, enns evoking, and he know’s I’m 100 percent honest, and we are good.
I also started thanking him and doing his enn’s before I do any one else’s in rituals since he was my first. He seems to really appreciate that. And when I was on a hike there was a skull and he was like I want that one just for me.
Ask him what and why, he’ll tell you.


All this came from a person who was supposedly psychic, a lot shes said had been accurate but the offering I was afraid I messed up on keeps coming back up nbn jn my head as I did it right. So we will see I’ll do it again regardless to see what happens.