Hypothetical idea

Hello all,

Questions: what would happen if I would draw a Sigil on a mirror instead of a piece of paper and charge it by looking at it (drawn in the mirror) at the moment of organism? For the sake of arguments let’s assume I sigilized the phrase « all who wish to harm me , are destroyed « or « i grow wealthier each day ». Let’s also assume that I hang this mirror sigil on the wall at home to be seen openly by anyone.

Ps: no sexual fluids are put on the mirror.

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Sigil Magick falls under Chaos Magick. There aren’t exactly certain specified systems you must follow through. You work with your own system and anything that works for you, is the correct way since there are no particular rules.

Austin Osman Spare had his own magical system at play ritualistically based on his own egocentric model of the universe. He didn’t intend for others to devise his model as he clearly understood everyone’s is different — to which Crowley called him the “black brother” solely because of Osman’s rejection of the Book of Thelema.

He believed that there is no need to follow law and dogma but to operate from intuition and depth of the self. Chaos Magick is in the root of every occult tradition out there. You do you.

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To this most if not all agree. My concern is if it’s safe to do what I propose.will the fact that I see myself in the mirror have an effect ? Will the energy bounce back at me because it’s a mirror ? Will the sigil actually charge ?will it create an open vortex whereby any passing by spirit can just walk through? Etc… that was the idea behind my question.:slightly_smiling_face:

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This idea is not so different from the method of drawing a sigil on a piece of tracing paper, and hanging it over your computer monitor, and then fapping to porn.

When you concentrate on watching the porn through the tracing paper, your subconscious absorbs the sigil while your conscious mind is occupied so that you don’t even notice it, and then it is fired when you orgasm

In this case, most people would look at the mirror through the sigil, in the same way people look through window decorations to see what is inside, or you look through your own reflection cast on a window to look outside. The people concentrating on seeing themselves in the mirror would absorb the sigil into their subconscious mind and would commit their power to manifesting whatever the sigil represents.

The effect would be the same as the classic Chaos method of posting sigils everywhere around town, and having random people charge it up when their consciousness notices it. The mirror wouldn’t bounce anything back because it is simply serving as the surface the sigil is drawn on, not as a reflector of energies.

And no, the sigil would not act as an “open vortex” for spirits unless that was the purpose it was designed for.


I would assume thst i could either hang it up as an amulet or seeing that it has been absorbed I could wipe it from the mirror ?

Thanks for this info !


Yes, if you hang it up for people to charge, then you can wipe it away once the result has manifested.

Has anyone tried using glow in the dark ink to make a sigil on transplastic, overlaid onto black mirror?

And what if I whipe it once I orgasm looking at it without putting fluids (if it’s a personal goal or objective only).

I get confused at times as to what I should do with a sigil : destroy it to release it or keep it.

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You can do it however my friend, don’t have doubts. I got sigils laying around mountains embedded in my sacred spots, my bedside table and one I carry along. Charge with what you want, all of this focus and energy directed into the Sigil qualifies as correct procedure of making it work.

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That would work.