Hypocritical sacrifice

why is it that when people look at rats they are absolutely disgusted and hate them so they kill them with poisen. or other things than throw them away that’s ok. but if I were so sacrifice a rat or pest like that people imdeatly feel bad for the rat and think I’m evil. like you were going to just kill it out of hatred and disgust at least I’m giving it meaning. or people get mad when you kill a old chicken to sacrifice it’s wrong and bad. but it’s ok to have hundreds of pigs, cows, ect lined up in a slaughter house waiting to be killed taged to be killed. I’m just curious?
I have not sacrificed anything because I’m only 18 and don’t have my own house.
is it illegal to sacrifice a animal if your going to eat it?


In America, yes, in most states, even if you eat it. But, if they do not know it was a sacrifice and you eat it you should be fine. Unless you are Jewish and practicing Kosher butchering tradition, in which case it somehow makes it okay. Wouldn’t want to prevent someone from engaging in religious butchery, would we, lol?

Then the same cunts who make it illegal will have no problem sending our children off to die on a lie in a proxy war…which is a kind of human sacrifice.

Like you said, man, hypocrites.


i read a thing that’s said it’s ok as long as it’s not a commission animal like pets and that you can’t be cruel to. and it is technally your right since it is your religiuse freedom

I knew some Santaria practicioners who would do this regularly. They had a private breeder that they trusted to treat said animals respectfully and kindly before it was bought. After the sacrifice the animal was eaten.
I believe their breeder supplied chickens, goats and turtles. Aside from turtles it was considered livestock.

I don’t remember where they lived though, sorry.


I’ve never heard that it was illegal. There’s a lot of voodoo practiced in south Louisiana, and I live mid-state. There are all kinds of critters sacrificed down south of here. I guess culture makes it taboo where you are. My point is this. We are all one thing. The animal’s life force isn’t wasted, it is utilized. And in most cases it is treated very well, much better than in some commercial farm or slaughterhouse. Your practices are your business. Fuck the haters.


that what I mean like if I had a chicken a old chicken an I killed it in the name of odin or something than ate it that’s ok right. or like a pest like a rat or squirl that people kill all the tinge just cause they hate it


That makes me think of the Azealia Banks scandal. She’s into different forms of Voodoo (21 Divisions, Palo Mayombe, Santería) and posted a video of herself cleaning up her ritual chamber after sacrificing chicken. `

It caused a huge scandal! But to date, nobody has been able to give me an intelligent response as to how it’s worse than halal, kosher or all the chicken sold in all the markets, supermarkets, hypermarkets and restaurants in the world in all forms you can imagine.


People think that killing an animal without stunning it first is inhumane. But most people don’t have access to the equipment that meat processing plants have. In my mind it’s basically a way to get people dependent on super markets by convincing them it’s inhumane and evil to kill their own food. I’ve seen that argument for hunting actually. “It’s wrong to hunt because it’s not necessary for food, you can go to Walmart.”


Yeah, I always wondered where these people think the meat they buy comes from. I find it far more humane and respectful to hunt your own food. At least the rabbits and moose got to live their lives on their own terms, before being consumed. (also I’m relatively certain my arrows and even my ritual dagger hurt far less than being ripped apart by wolves or foxes) Of course I don’t really feel bad for eating supermarket meat either…or sacrificing the occasional animal for a purpose


I agree. And from what I’ve seen from the people who make these arguments to me, they just don’t want to get their hands dirty. They’d rather someone else do it, but they judge people who do it on their own…yet it’s ok if it’s done by owners/operators/workers in a factory??? That’s some seriously messy thinking. I don’t think most people really respect where their meals come from due to this separation from the process.


I never understand why factories are okay but private is not. Factories dehumanize animals and treat them horribly from beginning to end while a private farm, etc most of the time treats the animals with care and gives them a good life before hand.
They also don’t genetically create animals that can’t even eat or breed without our help like what happened to the poor turkey.


i know like at least the animal is free before hand