Hypnosis & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) In Magick

Now, there are several books on how hypnosis and NLP are used in magick. All one has to do is search the other threads on this site alone. For instance:

Hands-On Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation through the Ovayki Current refers to NLP quite a bit.

Just what we call sigil opening is a way of inducing a trance state in which one can communicate with the entity one is trying to work with. The idea of creating and using sigils is a way of giving a hypnotic and post-hypnotic suggestion. For example, “Just put aside the sigil and come out of the trance. Do not lust for result.”

If anyone is the Washington, DC Area, I will be giving a free class on Basic Hypnosis and Intro to NLP. All are welcome, even though there is limited seating. Magick will not be mentioned, even though I will touch on Metaphysical principles. I will share a PDF of the presentation and notes to this site after the class.


Pro tip: “Free Class In NLP/Hypnosis (city/town) 1pm 23rd March” might get more clicks? :+1:


Excellent point… this is used quite frequently and in depth to some extent with those that work the current and venues of Chaos magic also. A good examp,e is the writings/workings of Vitimus.

Good post friend.

In terms of remote influencing before magicians used to use NLP to work on their states and power using anchors etc…

But the key is using NLP on the target or the influenced person. I found this out analysing many oriental and western magic, mind power, remote viewing, remote influencing techniques.

NLP is even present in some oriental spells people do it without knowing it is NLP…

But as I mentionned here I am talking about using it on the target…NOT on yourself…using it on yourself, “tricking” the subconscious mind/ anchors / states etc is a little bit basic compared to it s power on the target or on the spell…

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