Has anyone here ever worked with the Greek god Hypnos? I just called him up and to me he came and looked like the Pokémon Dowzee he didn’t say anything just shook his head yes and no… just wondering if this matches up with anyone else’s experience.

Pic for reference


I haven’t. I’ve always been interested in this concept though. I wonder at which point an entity can be contacted… After a certain amount of power, after x and y conditions are met. Or perhaps anything you believe to be there can be contacted. For example a fictional god called Or-gragkill-gruk… If i assign him a name attributes and back story what will his evocation be like compared to an evocation of a demonic king… Or like the Flying Spaghetti Monster even, how does it differ and what are fundamentals that make this thing come to life.

Everything you think of already exists on some level, so it is perfectly possible.


Just going to bump this, kind of curious lol.

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I was interested in Hellenic magick for some time, but I never worked with Hypnos. It’s hard to imagine that any Greek deity looks like that. They value beauty so much.
It reminds me on Lord Ganesh. He’s very relaxed about his appearance and has a great sense of humour :slight_smile:
When working with the Greek Parthenon deities, it’s good to know they have some sort of family order.
I don’t want to make your life complicated, but consider asking his mother Nyx first, to let you contact him.
People who are deeply in Hellenic Magick recommend approaching to them as they like, usually with a great respect, good manners, in a proper order and specific time.
It always means that ritual should be performed when you are well prepared.
The ritual should be memorized, cleansing is a must, as well as a clean robe (they find wool and leather to be impure).
Ritual also should be done barefooted. Sexual abstinence and fasting are also recommended.
Offering in an appropriate form is very welcomed.
Keep in mind that Hypnos is related to sleep, while his twin brother, Thanatos to death. His whole family is related to the underworld. Many other Greek deities, including the supreme one, feared to enter their realm.
From my experience, it’s good to get informed as much as you can, because Greek deities have
complex relationships and it should be taken seriously.

Best wishes!

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Huh, thanks for the info

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Hahahahah that’s amazing. I’m sorry, OP, I’ve never worked with this god, so this is probably a shitpost.

But, I’m dropping by to say that I think your experience was amazing.

To think a god would appear as a pokemon…a silly looking pokemon, at that!

It’s just wonderful.


Hey RiseorDie,

Very interesting post! I have just recently began to do some investigating working with Hypnos to further my dream work & Astral Travel. The way he presented himself to you kind of reminds me of the beings that dwell within the inner Earth in myths, called Dero.

Also wondering if you’ve read ‘Dream Gates & Astral Paths’ by Asenath Mason & Edgar Kerval? It gets deep into working with Hypnos through deep trance & lucid dreaming as well as astral projection.I am about half way through my initial read through but keep going back to reread info. Very knowledgeable read that you might find useful!


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