Hypersigils: what are they and how do they work?

Comic book writer and magician Grant Morrison was said to have discovered the Hypersigil when writing himself into one of his comics.

Basically its the idea of literally writing a story with yourself as the character, causing that character to experience something disireable, then magically imbueing your story with some process (still uncertain) so as to physically experience whatever your character/ avatar experienced.

Kinda like evocation but without all the research into ancient dieties.

As you are a writer whose placed himself into some well written prose, I’m curious what your thoughts are on this concept. Or if any demons/gods/entities your familiar with have an opinion on the subject.

Apparently Morrison (whose publically admitted to evoking demons as he learnt from Crowley’s work) discovered this Literary Magick, while writing himself into one of his comic books.

The character he imagined to be himself was plagued by some sort of fictitious disease, and then immediately after Morrison himself came down with some ailment, which immediately dissapeared once he “wrote the character back to health” ( or so i believe, the details are a little sparse on that)

Any tips in pre-visualizing your goals and desires before turning to evocation to make them so?

Has a demon or entity ever told you to “go back to the drawing board” and ask him again later, after having “rethought” your request?


The reason hypersigils are so misunderstood is that Grant’s hypersigil defintion is badly explained to the point of causing more confusion than insight.

As i’ve said before on this board, the hypersigil originated with Dr. Milton Erickson in America, and Dr. Vladimir Raikov in the Soviet Union, both of whom discovered it independently of each other in the late 60s and early 70s. It’s an inner circle NLP technique you rarely hear spoken of, but the top performers use it to transmit high-level performance skills via teacher-student possession rituals.

A more useful and more adaptable version of Grant’s technique is found in John Overdurf’s Deep Trance Identification manual, with multiple variations covering all possibilities.


So it would be safe to say that, the author becomes what the sigil represents, and the fans ( the egregore), that empower the author/ magician.