Thought I might share this with you guys. In addition to planetary magic symbols it also utilises my own AOD, plus sigilised audio synced to flashing on the screen. I won’t reveal the intent, but the circular ‘Stations’ signify the movement of information.


Thank you for sharing this. I appreciate it very much.

May be can you please explain as what is the benefit out of this? Thank you.

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I would be very interested in a tutorial for this.


You’re welcome! If you mean what is my intent, I don’t really want to share that, but it’s basically an elaborate form of sigil magick :slight_smile:

maybe one day I’ll have time to do an in depth tutorial but for now, maybe this will spark up a few ideas for you…

I am into planetary magick and so gathered symbols of the planets which fit my intent and created a collage of these in adobe photoshop. My intent is related to the internet, and so the glyph represents the flow of digital information. Use your imagination to come up with something that relates to your own intent. I use my own magickal alphabet to replace the English one, so the intent is automatically sigilised simply by writing it out (assuming you don’t actually learn to read the alphabet). Some of these sigilised words are scanned into photo-to-audio generators, and the resulting sound is mixed back in with the background music I quickly put together in a DAW. In adobe after effects I synced these sounds up to the flashes you see on screen, hence ‘audio sigil’. This is all completely over the top and unnecessary but I just enjoy creating the art work regardless of whether my intent comes to pass or not!

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May you give me a few names for this?

I use sonicphoto mainly, I have the gold version, but the Free version is fine

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