Hurricane ritual success

I did a ritual to strengthen the fading tropical headed for Bermuda. Within hours of me doing this, the tropical storm was reclassified as a hurricane again and should be hitting Bermuda soon.

Why crush Bermuda?

The tropical storm there was an excellent opportunity to practice this ritual. Nothing against Bermuda

Cat 4 at the moment… I’m getting far to excited over this

Well done. Have you attempted creation yet? If you successfully create and strengthen a hurricane, you’ve mastered a valuable weapon.

I’m going to try a creation this weekend

Ohh tell me how it goes

I started with a ritual this morning. I’ve researched how they are formed and focused on creating the correct conditions. I’ll be following up with a second ritual this evening. I’ve decided to work with both posiden and cuthullu on this one.

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I’ve been working on this for a while now, attempting to develop hurricane otto. It reached a decent storm but that was it thus far, clearly I need to keep at this. With any luck I’ll see some full successes soon

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I wonder where are you at right now with this?

Hi @Exil, that member hasn’t been active on the forum in over 5 years, so more than likely you won’t get a response. Thread closed.