Humbled by Duke Dantalion. Thank you, Duke!

I am positing to publicly thank and honor Duke Dantalion for the amazing results and help he has provided me in the last month.

I had never reached out to him before, but after reading many threads here I decided he was my best shot to help me heal a rift/separation with someone. He did not work his magic overnight, but there’s been a slow and steady, amazing improvement in relations since my appeal to him.

I also want to say that I am rather new to working with these spirts as I follow La Santísima Muerte…he never manifested in a way that I could see him, but I knew he was there and listening to me. I asked him to be patient with me if I didn’t know how to properly make him an offering…and the response was, “You’ll get this, just keep trying.”

What a wonderful, patient spirit the Duke is and I am humbled and most grateful. He has a loyal servant now in me.