Human possession

What do you guys think about a human possessing another human with the other’s consent?

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It’s possible. But have a backup plan, depending on the nature of the possession. If it’s a summoned human, there may not be too much trouble. But if it’s an astral traveler, things get… Questionable. The summoned is more compliant in my experience than the actual person. In general, have a backup plan. Also be prepared to take on any of their emotional and spiritual baggage.


Also, is it total possession or partial?

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I’ve only done partial so far. Haven’t attempted total yet. Any tips for total possession?

How can someone summon a human ?

The same way they can summon another entity, using their name or a picture etc.However what shows up may not exactly be human, it’ll be their energy body/true self which will either be human, demon, fae, etc whatever it is their soul is.