Human bone

How useful is human bone and what is “hallowed ground”

Hallowed ground is ground that is sanctified, consecrated, or made holy in some way. The term is usually used in reference to churchyards and old cemeteries that are connected to them, but actually applies to any place considered holy or sacred.


How useful the bone is kinda depends on a lot of things. Especially the beliefs of the person answering the question.

I know EA talks about this in one of his videos. I don’t remember which, but it used a skull.

There are many cultural stories about the use of bones in ancestor worship, cursing, and being ground up for darker practices.

I guess the practical question is whether you can find the trace of the spirit that inhabited it and how you want to handle that.


That’s true and what I was looking at was ground human bone

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Oh ok thank you and that makes sense now

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What would ground human bones practical use be

That would depend on the discipline/religion. I’ve not used them.

I’ve read about different accounts of calling forth the spirit and binding it back to it’s bones, but haven’t done it with humans.

There are some stories of the old Polynesians doing this, but it was more about keeping the family with the family, than binding a spirit for another type of gain.

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That seems like it would be to difficult for my level of experience to do but do you think it would be beneficial as ingredients in a oil or flying ointment more as a connection to the spiritual in general rather than to a specific spirit of the person that owned it I mean powder human bone potentially contains bone from multiple humans in it anyway

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Or maybe a incense or sprinkling powder to attract spirits in general do you have any thoughts on any of those uses

I would think it would depend on the type of spirit you’re looking to attract. Maybe someone with more of a necromancy background would be better to consult. If all I wanted was random spirits, I’d set out some offerings and send a beacon of sorts to invite them. If I wanted more parasitic spirits, I could use some blood and do the same. I typically don’t go fishing for parasitic spirits, though.

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Right I’ve done that closer to when I started working magic but all it really does is drain energy spiritual energy physical energy mental energy sexual energy metaphysical energy motivation all drain if you attract parasite spirits that was one the dumber things I’ve tried in my beginnings lol I didn’t even realize it at first what was happening but I know better now

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There sneaky about how they discreetly steal energy and can be a pain to get rid of especially when you did invite them