Human body and the possibility of Housing death essence

Recently I had the great opportunity to get my hands on Dante’s Book “Necromantic Sorcery” and Iam still reading it. Although I see some parts that are completely impossible to grasp with regular thought process and thats totally understandable I had this intense (Reality Slap) if I may call it as such in the part were Dante speaks of Relics and the energy surrounding them. I was unfortunate enough to get sick at 11 and then I got Diabetes.

After that many medical mistakes, spiritual wrong-turns and various other incidents led my body to be only half operational and to name few: (Hyperglycemia(High blood glucose),Osteoporosis (More that 52% is lost from my body), Intestinal problems, Liver problems, Unknown autoimmune in my blood, Lactose and Guten Intolerance, and Immense pain in my autonomous neuro-system).

So sorry for the long post, here goes: “Is it possible for the body of a host to house death energy or essence or similar negative energies because of the many near-death encounters??”

I aways go to hospital with severe symptoms and conditions or complications and each time doctors ask me the same: “Why do you still live?”

Its been more than 12 years now and Ive survived both medical and physical accidents which otherwise would have killed me. Any insight as practitioners and necromancers on this would be greatly appreciated. Iam posting this out of curiocity(for my condition) and "my"seemingly ability to “cheat” death. I have not practiced necromancy set aside from ancestral veneration and graveyard rites of Orthodoxy as a teen. So if anyone knowledgeable on the matter and necromancy could share with me some opinions I would like to hear it.

Once again Iam sorry to drag this post long, cheers~

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I dont think your near death encounters would give you death essence, ask yourself did you die? I see it as you defy fate and the strength you gain through entropy comes back to save you when you hit hard times.

If you really feel like you have death essence I would contact Amaymon and he would probably tell you that you read alive. I read you good right now. To clear death essence Amaymon taught me to use the powerword Hoilock Thocklock to sanitize death energy too darkness energy that you may shine through.

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Yes indeed what you say make sence although yes I have died and come back at least 3 times, and beleive that was so serene in the stream of the neveredning darkness. I’ll look into it with Amaymon thank you for the advice.

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