Hrafn's intro

In compliance with the site rules allow me to make a small introduction. My name is Ruben but I would like to be referred to / called by my user name…Hrafn (Norse for Raven).
I very little experience in the occult/ esoteric arena but I am currently here to learn what I can to help me along this path 8 chose to follow.
I grew up under a Protestant umbrella indoctrinated with less than perfect theology. In conjunction to that I will admit that I have always been drawn to things of the occult - but perhaps due to the fear factor infused by Christian teaching, I never have made but progress in my “walk” until recently. I am not going to bore any of you with details, but I sincerely have felt drawn to seek Lucifer.
I realize I am a complete novice to most - but my determination to find my purpose in this world, a deeper understanding of truth, a complete connection with Lucifer…are sincere.

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Thank you for doing an introduction as requested, and welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the forum; may you find what you seek.

Thank you. Happy to be here.

I am so happy you are here. Everyone here started somewhere and we all start at the beginning :slight_smile: I liked your last sentence where you accept your new, your clear on your purpose and sincere on your journey. By my calculations LOL You will go far!

Aprentiz - I appreciate the encouraging words. I’ve got a good feel about the group here.

Hi. And welcome to the forum.