Hows Rituals Of Pleasure?

So i just recent order Rituals of pleasure and was wondering if anyone has worked with this grimiore? Would love the feed back on it and personal experiences working this tome.

I enjoyed Asenath’s work here quite a bit. I had no problem adapting rituals and it brought me intense pleasure. I even was surprised some focussed into a little wealth. It didn’t keep me from getting sick but i didn’t focus any rituals to do such.

I wish i would have purchased her draconic tome first (name escapes me atm).

Be you male or female or whatever you identify this book can open up some fantastic times. I was solo with no partners. In rituals in which orgasm happens it is recommended to focus on your intent and wishes rather than get fully lost in the pleasure. It was difficult to do the first times. Lordy the dreams I had and they weren’t sexual at all. I didn’t do everything. In fact i really only focussed on a few dealing with Samael, Lilith, and the sisters. Perhaps Lucifer as well. There’s a wee bit of imagination there.

I’m done with this now. Seems short but upon getting the virus a second time I have to focus on something else.

I know i have some posts on this somewhere some maybe search mine for anything that might help.


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That’s awesome! pretty stoked, this is going to be my first tome i am going to do workings from. But damn you got the corona virus twice? all the best to you hopefully its over soon for yeh!