I’m not great at intros, but the point is to share about myself so everyone can learn about me and get to know me, right? Here goes something. Hope you have some time.

I’ve always had some connection to magic and spiritual practices in my life. On my dad’s side, the modern Christian™ experience, and on my mom’s, the same except nobody really cared so much about it. My mom was also prone to premonitions and psychic dreams, and she dabbled in witchcraft if only in the sense that she had a few books she read and formed beliefs on that information. I never really talked to her about it.

After my dad’s side had me forcibly baptised (twice) and all that, I had a decidedly negative view of the cult of Jesus, and was thankful to be free of that when I finally moved in with my mom. I was free to learn and explore my own path.

I have something of an insatiable hunger for knowledge, always enjoying even the most trivial factoids and often getting myself so distracted by branching paths that I’ll end up learning much more than what I initially set out to. To say my motto is “knowledge is power” is an understatement.

Partly due to this eternal quest for knowledge, partly due to my immense patience (which largely comes from understanding), my friends have sometimes seen me as some kind of wise monk. Answering question, mediating on their quarrels, and providing perspectives that can change their whole way of thinking on things.

Now, after a decade since legal adulthood, I feel a strong pull towards this path. I’ve explored various world religions and spiritual paths, discovered slight psychic ability and a natural talent for healing, and now it seems I am being called by King Paimon.

I had known about Crowley for a while, but never really looked into his works until recently. Upon finding his Illustrated Goetia, one thing led to another. From finding that book, I scrolled through the 72 spirits, recognizing some names from other books, but King Paimon seemed to stand out. For some reason, I was compelled to research him above the 71 others. That led to two things: 1 what is now one of my favorite supernatural horror films, and 2 E. A. Koetting. As you can imagine, I soon after found my way here.

Before I wrap this up, I do want to clarify that I learned of and watched Hereditary only after I had learned a bit about King Paimon and felt this sort of connection, and I like the film not only because it involves King Paimon, but because it’s a well-made film that relies more on subtlety and psychology than jumpscares and graphic imagry (although they are used a few times).

Finally, what I hope to accomplish. For now, I just want to learn. I have no goal other than that, at the moment. In time, I would like to contact King Paimon, Lucifer, and others, but only after I’ve learned about them so I can be proper and respectful. I feel in time, I could even become good friends with King Paimon, if he would have me.

In closing, it is good to meet you all and I hope we can all learn well together.


Welcome! I totally agree with you about the excitement of learning new things about magic and such. :blush:

Welcome to the forum.


Welcome :blush: