Howdy Y'all

As the title implies: )

I was writing out my whole autobiography when i decided, na.
It was getting wayyyyyy too long .

Hi again :3

I was recently given the name Star.

As i mentioned in another post, i come from a family of witches. Except, my mother chose to reject the way of life. Until, come full circle, the life came to me. I wouldnt consider myself a beginner, but i wouldnt say im advanced by any means.
The better way to put it is that im exactly where i need to be.

Im also pretty heavy into taking photos, making videos/films, making songs, and pretty much anything that involves creating in some sort of way.

Im looking forward to learning from yall.

Yall can check out some of my work on instagram @sunday.worshiiip

With Love💙


I’ll link your post here for future reference since it’s more detailed than your introduction :slight_smile:

Any particular type of magick you’re interested? Or any kind of struggles you wish to work on?


Thank you!

I could definitely use help in soul dedication to belial. Also in how to control myself. unfortunately, im pretty decent in baneful magic, even recieving sigils for death spells. Though I say unfortunately because i end up hurting people without wanting to.

Belial’s been a tremendous help in assisting with this, but any more help is always appreciated.

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Sounds more like pact to me. You can find some useful info about pacts with the search option of this forum :smiley:

Meditation is the key… Sadly…

Welcome abroad :slight_smile:

Thank you :sunny:

And never sadly,
ill do my best : )

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