How you want to achieve it is important

This is gonna be my first thread.
I’ve always red that I have to specify how I want what I want… in books there were always examples of money: you ask for money and what happens? Your uncle dies and leaves you a big legacy… you have what you asked for, but magick chose the path.

Sometimes, maybe very often, books tell things exaggerating or by fantasy and it has to be done to warn people.
If everyone say something it is because there’s a thruth behind those words.
I want to share my last (expensive) experience in order to warn you on how you want it is important to be specified.
Ever since I’m into magick, little things come to me even if I didn’t ask for it, they come out of thin air.
Last time I needed money, not too much but being unemployed and still doing college, every euro (I’m from Italiy, pasta pizza and mafia) is precious… my dad kept a lot of savings in form of coins in his car to pay highways, to buy little stuff on the road, coffee when he goes to work ecc… some money were in our new car (I have to specify it is new).
I went to refill with gpl, and once done, my car doesn’t seem to start… I begin to get nervous and with some help we make it start again: it was the battery.
Immediately bring it to the car mechanic and proceed to change the battery (not under warranty)… the same day I have my dad’s car back, he pays his 120 euros and he let me keep the coins (we always take them off before leaving the car in someone elses hands).
Moral of the story?
I have what I asked but it costed much more money then I asked for, even if I didn’t pay for it.

This happened in a little scale, I wonder what could happen in a much bigger scale so always specify in wich way you desire to achieve your goal, big or small.


Yea I’ve Hurd the same concept from the wisdom of BALG, myself I kept complaint I waisted my money on a piece of shit small TV that I’ve never been able to get I to work and h best friend’s mom gives me a 45 inch TV because she boughva bigger TV. Had also been thinking I haven’t had any good luck recently lol.

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I think this is actually a really good thread to make- for seasoned but especially new practitioners who may or may not have developed the recognition that intent is extremely important, but so is the means by which we gain our requests.

We often see a lot of info pressuring on having a clear intent, but very few recommendations on the methods behind that intent. The following are my personal opinions, and the things I found work best for me! Let me know what you all do!!

  • I find a connection between gaining my intent/request and the process within the ritual - this may sound very obvious to some, but I firmly believe that each action you make during your ritual sets some type of reaction on your requests.
    For example, if your intent is gaining money I’m pretty sure that you’d rather have a stable, long-lasting gaining rather than all at once (as for example, a job that gradually builds your economic stability and keeps it that way, rather than winning 2000 at a lottery game).
    So in the first case, what you’d do within the ritual could be something like planting the request in the ground or in dirt as that symbolises growth, roots and therefore gives you more of a stable idea of the way your request should materialise in your life. We all know seeds don’t grow overnight, so we also know the results will take some time, but we are also aware of the fact that what sprouts from that seed will have stable roots, and so will our flow of money.
    In the second case, if within the ritual for example you express your request air-bound or by burning it, you know the results may be quick but the foundations of your request aren’t as strong, and therefore less resistant. So you may gain 2000 of your money through lottery, but lose it the day after because you break your car!

I know it may sound really obvious, but sometimes when requests are made we focus so much on the final results that we don’t give everything else the same attention: you cannot build a steady house on shaky foundations.

  • Another really important thing is clarification within the intent - again, it may sound really obvious, but sometimes a well-thought out intent works much better than a singular word. Using the your example of money again, ask yourself if the broader “gaining money” type of intent can be turned into “gaining a job that pays well”. In that way, you’re focusing your intent towards a result, but also towards the means by which you get that result.
    I find it is important that you have clarity within your head, and you know how you will gain that result before you start your magickal working. The more vague you are, the more roads magick can take to deliver that result. And sometimes you may not like the road it took.
    If you are clear on the process, you’re clear on the result. It’s very useful to compare the structure of your intent with a physical counterpart: if you want abs, for example, you know exactly what process gets them to you, right? Same with magick!

[I also am of the opinion that there is nothing wrong with writing a more lengthy intent if words are carefully weighted in, and if you are sure each word is essential]

I hope this was helpful in some way, I really look forward to see what others say and if anyone has different opinions/methods to make sure they don’t accidentally burn a house down to get a new one!!