How would you imbue promotional materials?

Hi Balgers

I don’t often ask questions but this seemed worth asking as it might hopefully prompt some interesting answers that could help others as well as me.

I seek to bring new well paying clients to my business with the use of some promotional materials, which I would like to somehow imbue with a magickal energy that will transfer into the hands of the intended target clients.

I’m sure this is nothing new and must have been used by many businesses through the ages.

A simple candle spell or the mighty petition spell comes to mind at first but that seems more of a general approach, whereas I think it would be pretty nice to find a way to make those promotional materials kind of vibrate with it’s own energy that says to potential clients ‘respond to me in a positive way.’

Yep, in the mundane way, you might say make sure the promotional stuff is up to scratch on their own merit and that would be good advice. But we are looking for the extra edge on top of that.

So what I am looking for is something that will appeal to the best kind of clients… the ones that require my services when I offer them, are of good nature and have the means to pay what I ask when I ask… and when they pick up my promotional materials, they feel the urge to contact me and get the ball rolling.

Any ideas would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Create a sigil to draw business and place it within the promotional material.


You’d be surprised the effectiveness of ‘simple spells’.

Aside from the suggestion of the sigil, you could charge the material with your will/intent directly. Same way you charge water per say. Simple but effective energy work.

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Thank you for replying @DarkestKnight

That is a great idea thank you, and will keep that in mind for future use. Actually, I will make a sigil as a side piece but the thing is the materials are already created and I print them off as and when needed.

A chaos sigil in my situation, I don’t think it would hide very well as the promotional material that I use is all text and no graphics.
But then, I suppose the sigil could be created in the same colour as the text and then embed the text over it. Would that work? The sigil is still there but unseen.

Thank you @Ryce

Your suggestions are what I was going to do before thinking there may be a more elaborate way.
No need to over complicate it I guess.

Yes, you could create the sigil and place the text over it. Then it is charged every time someone reads the material. It works very well.

You could also embed a mantric sigil in the text itself.

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So even if there is no visible sigil because it’s completely covered, it still works?
Wow, well that was a huntch that I’ve had for a long time and never found proof or anything to support the idea.

Like, the McDonalds ‘M’ seen everywhere, I have often thought it could well have something embedded in it even though it’s all one colour.

A mantric sigil? Not heard of that before, just googled it now.
Cool. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


If you want to be discreet, you could just charge the logo of your business like you would charge a sigil. Symbols are quite a source power, and very simple to work with.


Thanks @Dralukmun

Yes I like discreet.
I don’t have a logo, never have. I tried making one years ago and was never satisfied with a design.
It’s all just plain text, just two different styles of text. It says what it needs to and it’s always worked well.

The purpose of my post really is to see if I can create quality responses quicker and of higher volume.

I do have a header though instead of a logo. So yes, I could charge the header text, or indeed, gaze at the whole flyer like it’s one sigil.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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