How will I know if I have been cursed?

My life had gone downbill in these last 3 years but especially now. I think im cursed. How will I find out if im cursed or not please? Any help?


Be careful not to feed it with belief. Self fulfilling prophecy is all too real.

I would cast for an ending of misfortune (sigil spell works easiest).

Then I would evoke or do a reading to know for sure


Life is like a snowglobe.

It gets shooken up then shit settles.

Sometimes its not a curse but life falling apart to make room for new things. Mercury retrograde just passed and i feel a lot of people are feeling the upheaval of drama.

The only way to remain pure of curses is to regularly cleanse yourself of them.


This! Cleansing is a daily activity for me personally and my house weekly. If in doubt, cleanse don’t freak out.

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@SeekerofK Mercurary retrograde just passed? That explains a lot. Lol. Phew. :joy:

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Thanks. I search for the cleans method.

This can be a tricky question for any person. Some negative spiritual effects can take odd shapes. It might help if you think of your problem as a parasite, but it could be a “self vs self” problem like arthritis. Arthritis is caused when the immune system attacks the wrong tissue, so curing it is way trickier than other problems with similar symptoms.

Sometimes I use a simple type of evocation.
“Show Yourself” is the essential mantra. You could translate that into an old language or make it a ritual, but I usually just sit in total darkness and calmly wait for the thing to notice that I’m patiently waiting to see what it wants.

There’s usually some strong “wanting” to any strong effect. Be it a spell or predator or angry ancestor, some willpower is directed toward some goal. The calm and empty approach can help the bothersome energy stand out.

Knowing about curses will always make you wander if you’re getting screwed with.

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Oh I hope its not my Aunt! Because things got worse from the day she passed away.

Thanks Norski. What spell shall I use pls?

When exactly ?

I’d run a basic chaos sigil phrased as "I’m so glad that period of misfortunre ended so quickly’

I’ve written a few posts on Sigils. Check my history if you’re new to them

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If you have been hexed you will know for sure if it is from a spirit sent against you. The deity will send warnings and signs of harassment depending on the hex and how strong it is. Here are some of the most common signs:

Items disappearing or moving mystetiously.

Frightening visions.

Hearing strange voices.

Unexplained illnesses.

Technology beeing blocked or malfunctioning.

Strange odors or scents around you.

Physical attacks, being pushed, burn marks or scratches, usually with 3 marks or lines, indicating the pagan trinity earth, fire, water.

Why do you feel specifically you have been targeted with a curse?

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Thanks. I will for sure. Im new to these things. Thanks again.

Some of these signs yes not all of them. So some years ago I had a so called friend, she was a bit too friendly with my ex. You know I was a bit drunk and I called her names during an argument. She stayed cool, not like me because I look like the bitch because of my attitude. Later I remembered that her friend is a witch from a Nordic place.
My ex left me instantly. I used to love my work, than I got fed up of my work amd left the job, after 9 years. I got tired all the time and had MS symptoms. Thans it turned out that I had stress and wasnt MS. Its been years since I dated someone, It wasnt a problem to find a partner before but now its like an impossible mission for me! Im changing jobs frequently, I cant find a job, or they fire me or they ate bitchy with me so I leave.
At home im not happy becaise I dont go on well with them especially these last years. I swear that everything got worse from the day I had a fight with this girl that I thought shes a friend of mine. I saw her last year because she came for a holiday and I tried to make things better. We went out a couple of times but then I heared nothing of her. I think its her. My life changed significally these last 3 years. I dont recognise myself, my life and those around me. Like im living in a parralell universe.
I went to talk to a priest, I told him what is going on and he told me everything will be fine. Some holywater and thats it. Nothing changed! Im tired of my miserable life.

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For some people you just get the idea that you are cursed/ hexed. Maybe you looked at someone the wrong way or pissed off some spirit then BAM. Or you could just have had some bad luck and think your cursed, after life has its ups and downs. Like Norski said if you feed into the idea that your cursed then it happens.

The best advice i can give you is to get Magickal protection from damon brand as well as creating a servitor to uncross you/ remove hexes and curses.


Intriguing, I am uncertain if this a castings against you or just the struggles of every day life with an ever changing economy and ever changing business models, the most dramatic being the Internet and the huge U.S. close out to China.

What I would do is perform a ritual for shielding against all those that wish you harm and ask for presciencent sign for all who might have cast against you.

I would also ask for knowledge and prescience to help avoid pitfalls and guide you to future success.

Thanks. I have to read more about these things because Im new to magic.

Thanks. In my country jobs are not a problem they say. I think its trie, our economy is not so bad. The problem is me. I try to study more magic because for me is like trying to read Russian or Chinese! I dont know nothing regarding protection etc etc

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u can try to do a mirror box / return to sender spell as well just in case

I search how to do it thanks. But im a bit afraid because im a beginner. I bet shes better than me in magic spells.

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