How were Halloween rituals for you all?

Haven’t been on here for a while due to a lot of work and personal issues, but I hope everyone had a great Halloween!

As you can expect, many of us get excited to do rituals on Halloween and some of us may even reserve special ones for this day/night. So my quesiton is simple: Did you do any ritual(s) on this night and, if so, how did they go? What were they for? Were they anymore potent than usual rituals?

Well,a complete muggle slipped into a deep theta-gamma sync in three minutes or so,a feat that takes many 30 minutes to accomplish for the first time.

I also did this big self-empowerment ritual that was supposed to seal a bunch of transformations that had been developing for months,more about those things here:

I opened a portal and the room got completely pitch black for a minute, so that was cool.

I did perform a ritual that took most of the day lacing and imbuing an object with specific kind of energy through meditation, opening channels, energy work and help of certain Earth spirits. Left me feeling completely drained, but well worth it.

I was about to do te expected dress up and go out for te night things, however the ritual had left me completely exhausted, therefore I did enjoy a quiet night in. Don’t regret it one bit, you know, priorities :slight_smile:

I didn’t do anything major… Just used the opportunity to sort of re-affirm my goals.

I started off with Lady Eva’s ‘Invocation of Inner Divinity’- which is awesome btw (and I’ve been meaning to say thanks to Lady E for sharing that!). I try to do it most mornings, but last night I really took my time with it.

Also I recently had the idea of constructing an AOS style sigil using words and phrases that describe my goals (occult and mundane). Not entirely sure what I’m going to end up doing with it but I’d like to have it made into a pendant. Well last night I got started on that. I realised that condensing my goals into one single statement of intent was going to be difficult, so I decided I would do a separate sigil for each goal, and then eventually combine all of them into one sigil. Last night I did the first one…

And that’s about it :slight_smile:

I had plans but then the spirit I’m in a pact with wanted to do other stuff, which I can’t really detail, mainly because I passed out about 5 minutes in… I’m still totally wiped out and won’t be doing much posting I guess until I recharge! :slight_smile:

Ate some Haribo “Minions” afterwards, we bought them for the trick or treaters and had some left over, that was fun.

Well the ritual I was going to perform went to shit being i lost the main component.But ended up finding it earlier this morning and was able to perform the ritual at the exact time it is said to be performed in the grimoires!