How to work with the demons without space for privacy

The headline says it all.
I don’t have much space for privacy and surrounded by religious folks.
I have managed to squeeze in the petition ritual in the demons of magick book while I have a couple of minutes in the house.
But full evocation of the entities like it is laid out in the book of Azazel with incense and candles is a no-no for my situation.
Can these entities be petitioned like it is laid out in the demons of magick book and still get results?
Curious to know how to contact these being discretely without your social network cutting their ties with you.

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Shamanic journeying should help.

I also live with religious folk so I know your situation. I’m not an expert but I’ve gotten results without using any paraphernalia other than pen and paper.

Methods I use:

  1. Sigil opening: You can print or even draw a sigil on a piece of paper, use it and then burn or dispose it in whatever way you see fit.

  2. Henry Archer’s method: You should check out his book called “The Magick of Angels and Demons: Practical Rituals for The Union of Power”. It contains a simple yet effective ritual for which you really don’t need anything but your memory, but you can also write down what you need and then burn it. You can even get a virtual version so you don’t need to hide the book.


Thanks for the suggestion. Is there a book you can recommend for the Shamanic journeying practice?

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Message our good old mod @Lady_Eva for the instructions.

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I saw that Henry’s book on amazon. I will give it a try.