How to work with my subconscious? Via Lucid dreaming

The last time I tried WITHIN A lucid dream to work through trauma/anxiety with my subconscious…well it didn’t end well.

It went something like this, I in the dream asked to speak to/have my subconscious mind show up. So a dream character materialized, I asked the dream character something (forgot exactly what but I think it was related to depression/anxiety), and the response was the DREAMSCAPE SKY a few seconds later erupting in this LOUD SCREECHING nosie that was DEAFENING. I ended up screaming within the dream, “wake up!” A couple of times to order myself awake.

So how am I gonna work through anything without having my subconscious do this? The noise was like deafening…throughout the entire dream scape…scary ASF.

Advice anyone???

Im trying to work with my subconscious without it doing something like that/being unpredictable. So it’ll LISTEN to me.

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this is your unconsciousness . expand your consciousness. the best way to do this is shadow work, and you have to be WILLING to do it. after this shadow work, you start to notice more things about yourself and the world. you “let go” of egotistical shit and focus on better things. connect with your higher self. let your intuition guide you. don’t worry about this. your consciousness will expand when you’re ready. “you can’t know yourself if you’re scared to look within, good and bad.” i sense you don’t want to do some shadow work, and that’s COMPLETELY understandable. you’ll do it soon though. this’ll result in you being more at peace and expanding your consciousness. and the process keeps going on and on. then you ascend :). “how are you supposed to know what you have to let go if you can’t look behind.” heal. expand. detach. know that everything in the past does not suit you and it’s your souls best way to learn in this life. think DEEPER. transform. start new. you are not your past, or your ego. find your true self.

also , you can find a technique on connecting with your higher self on this forum, i used it before like once, and it works really good. in my opinion, however, i want to develop it myself and expand my ability. which is why shadow work would be prominent .

when you do all this , you can eventually learn to control it and you can catch your thoughts more .

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Sorry, thought you were replying to the other one. I gotta look at which thread it is…:grimacing:

Although yeah, your right. THAT was my unconsciousness. Still I don’t know how to control and it.

I do need to do shadow work, seeing as when I scry on my reflection, my reflection becomes a shadow/void like version of me with hollow eyes…

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yes. venture through your mind :).

hmmm. yeah i’ve picked up your energy a lot and i’ve always noticed an empty feeling. is it something about your heart ? something in your mind ? you need to fill something to feel complete ? you need to get over that one thing in your past… you know what it is… i don’t think you want it shared , but it was dark and negative from you. caused you a lot of trauma. i’m seeing a tunnel. that’s how it felt. struggling to see the light but you’re really trying . you needed clarity. you “needed” something. i’m feeling your heart while reading this, and it’s beating . hard . causing you deep feelings . maybe someone or something you had to break away from. there’s a kind of tension from it. your heart drops. move on. control your emotions. then you can control your thoughts . you have to learn more about yourself . complete yourself by realizing you are already complete :sparkles: .

the subconscious “communicates” in images, sensations, and such, not words. So it’s very likely if you let it happen and stuck it out you would of got somewhere.

Well it wasn’t words, it was a loud screeching sound coming from the sky or something.

Well it would be more then one thing, from my own point of view it’s been on and off from birth in reference to “trauma”.

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It was not suppose to be words

Words and sounds are two different things, it was not words.

:man_facepalming: you’re not understanding me but okay.

Well how do I make sure it doesn’t happen again? Cause I honestly don’t have alot of “trust” in my subconscious, its either giving me things like that…

Or dreams about people trying to kill me, family dying (been having death dreams frequently for like months), or being chased in general.

I just want a way so I can communicate without my mind acting up, or being like that. Maybe I can program it or something?