How to work with an astral double?

Does anyone know how to work with an astral double? I work with mine on occasion and he is pretty cool. He tells me information about my future every couple of months. I just would like to know more ways to work with him and how to keep him near me more.

I’ve seen astral double mentioned a few times but it seems like a thoughtform created to be a copy of the projector.


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The concept of the “astral double” is based on the traditional belief that in order to manifest in the physical world, all things must first pass down from the mental plane (the idea), to the emotional plane (the feeling) and then build form on the astral plane before finally materializing on the material plane. According to this belief, everything in existence has a corresponding astral counterpart, including people.


I see, odd but I suppose if it works.


Urgh, astral doubles, wtf did I do? Anyway, my stbx husband takes orders from some kind of copy of his cousin. The whole thing is very disturbing.


If you follow Robert Bruce’s Astral Travel theories from his books, (which I’ve experienced through his course and find them to be authentic) your astral double- also known as your projectable double - is a double (in the form of an energy body) of your physical body which forms as the result of a combination of intense chakra stimulation and various forms of energy raising while in a trance! Yes, it’s intense if your not naturally gifted at just achieving this naturally. With continued and persistent work, this double will separate from your physical body and move around on the astral plane.

Additionally, it’s also the double that operates in alternate astral realities during a lucid dream. That’s why we keep dream journals when taking this course. They’re a form of spontaneous out of body exits that occur after your energy body begins loosening from your physical body.

This is complicated though, and I’m doing a shit job explaining it right now. It’s important though and can be extremely useful working and communicating with spirits.

For instance, the more skilled you become at projecting your astral double into the astral realm, the easier it is to connect with spirits…Many people here on BALG create astral temples, etc…If you can project your astral body into the temple and use you astral eyes to scry and your astral throat to chant an enn, you stand a good chance of seeing an angel/ demon/ whatev…

Here’s the kicker though, if you can manifest something on the astral plane, it absolutely can occur here, in our world! So, performing a ritual on the astral plane and stating your request in the present tense with both your astral voice and using your imagination carries a fuck ton of power when it comes to manifesting your wishes and desires.

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