How to Work on Cursing an Object

Iam wondering if any of you here know any effective way of cursing an object for the purpose to give it to someone and cause harm or any other issues. Can you suggest me any books or rituals? It will be greatly appreciated!

Hey,i tnk the book of tarantula has a history,part on it ,i think so, also wat i hear is lubed in oil,chant,or draw a tyni litle seal on it and give to the person,

S Connolly talks about this at length in her Daemonolater’s guide to demonic magic. Actually, one of the few worthwhile reads in the whole book. Basically, you draw the sigils of destructive spirits (you could also use pentacles of mars or Saturn or w/e) and place personal concerns of the person on top (to bind the object to the person) and place the object on top of it all. Surround it with six black candles and visualize a tower of pure hatred runningup from the earth, through the object, and into the sky. That’s done fora lunar month, then given to the enemy.

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With something like this, would the curse only effect the specific person? I mean what if they got bored/suspicious and gave the gift to someone else and they end up getting messed up from it? Or does it not work like that…

As Euoi explained, you bind the object to that person. Part of your ritual should involve a voiding para to the effect that this curse will effect that person and/or that persons family line only. If you leave it open ended, then the demon whose sigil you called upon will be more than happy to ruin and destroy any person the object comes in contact with. Kind of a cunt move, so proper preparation is required.

Thanks for clearing that up!

Thanks Euoi I will look that up! But my main objective is just to generally curse the object and just give it to cause mayhem regardless to who is in contact with nyway thanks for the advice it was very helpfull!!

You can have a mojo of destruction made and give them to them saying it’s a “good luck charm.”. Or get some DUME powder and lay that across the trail they walk (or rub it all over something that looks like a gift).