How to walk on the path of the dragon?

I find the draconian path, tradition, magick etc. Very inspiring and powerful.
I red some of the metireal on Temple of Ascending Flame and i would like to know how i can iniate myself into the path of the dragon? How do i walk this path? I’m ready for everything and it is also my desire now, at least how i feel it.
Just to mention i also so far i ordered the Qliphothic Meditations, Qliphothic Incocations & Evocations and the Oraculum Leviathan.

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In the “Draconian Ritual Book” there are some ideas about how you can perform an initiation ritual


First you must learn to breathe. Yes, sounds stupid, but breath is important in dragon magic.

Not stupid at all
I’m not sure on how much it’s relate to but i started lately putting nore time and dedication on my daily meditations

Thanks, that book is already on my list i just did’nt got it yet.
But really good to know.

Edited: i literally just got it as i saw alittle more about it

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