How to use your will and desire during ritual

Hey EA,
In a lot of your books and courses you always use the term “Push your will”.
I would love it if you could elaborate on what you mean by this and how it can be done to achieve maximum results in ritual.

For example in candle majick,how does one push their will into a candle?
How does one push their will into manifesting a spirit and commanding it?

Is this a simple visualization of your desire or is there something else to it?

Also I would love for you to elaborate on how to will yourself out of your body and how to will a spirit into the Triangle.

I’ve had quite a few great results with majick but can’t seem to pinpoint this part of the ritual which to seems to be the most important.
Also if you could give some tips on structuring I would appreciate it as well.This has been a big challenge for me.

Thanks brother!